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There are many types of coca cola, some only found in certain countries. I recently did a project on coca cola. here are all the types i know:

Coca Cola

Caffeine free Coca Cola

Coca Cola cherry

Coca Cola with lemon

Coca Cola vanilla

Coca Cola C2

Coca Cola with lime

Coca Cola rasberry

Coca Cola zero

Coca Cola M5

Coca Cola black cherry vanilla

Coca Cola black

Coca Cola citrus

Coca Cola light sango

Coca Cola orange

and finally Coca Cola diet

hope i helped!

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How many countries have operating cocacola stores are over the world?

how many countries have opertating cocacola stored

When was cocacola invented?

Cocacola was invented in 1886 but i dont know who by

Is there cocain in cocacola?

there used to be cocain in cocacola but not nowa days.

What are the future plans for the coca cola company?

future plane of cocacola future plane of cocacola

Punch line of cocacola?

I've seen things that say "Coke (cocacola) adds to life"

What makes cocacola a quality product?

Very good taste of cocacola makes ait a quality product.

How do you form a hypothesis?

IF and THENFor example: IF I put mentos into a CocaCola bottle THENthe cocacola in the bottle will start to rise in a foamy texture.

Was cocacola originally green?

yes its true but cocacola dont want people to know about so they dont advertise the fact!!

What is tagline of cocacola?

Have a COKE & A SMILE.

How many bottle of coke 2 litter for 50 people?

how many bottle of cocacola 2 letters for 5o people

How many milliliters are in one liter of cocacola?

1 liter = 1000 mililiters 1 mililiter = 0.001 liter

How many people do coca cola employ?

As of 2010 CocaCola employed just under 140,000 people worldwide.

1963 cocacola machine worth?

This is not a valid question.

Major products from Georgia?

peanetbutter, peaches , and cocacola

What liquid is black?

pepsi, cocacola, grape juice

Why did Coca-Cola invent Santa Claus?

cocacola didn't invent santa clause,a group did, and santa is just something that cocacola used to promote their buisness

How many calories in a can of cocacola?

regular - 90 calories zero - 0 diet - 0 regular (caffeine free) - 97

Is Diet Coke good for you?

No form of CocaCola has any nutritional value whatsoever, although certain types provide a bit of energy in the form of sugar or caffeine, neither of which is particularly "good for you".

What are the type of carbonated drinks?

Cocacola is one of carbonated drinks.

Example of soda beverage?

Sprite, CocaCola, and Pepsi are a few.

How much does a cocacola cost?

around $3 Australian dollars.

How much cocacola daily use?

87 percent of the world

Will cocacola dissolves nail in 4 days?

no it will not i tryed it before in school.

Who invented cocacola?

Dr. John Pemberton invented Coca Cola.

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