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There are at least 65 recognised and described species of kangaroo, and they all come under the heading of "macropod". Members of the macropod family are characterised by their big feet ("macropod" means "great-footed"), their front pouches, and the fact that they move primarily by hopping.

There are three main species that are commonly called kangaroo. These are:

  • The Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus) - This is the largest marsupial in the world and the most common in Australia.
  • The Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Macropus giganteus) - This species ranges over the fertile eastern part of the continent.
  • The Western Grey Kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus) - This species is found in the southern part of west Australia, near the coast of South Australia and the Darling River basin.

Other species of kangaroos are smaller, and they include:

  • Wallabies, including different species of rock-wallaby, brush wallaby and swamp wallaby
  • Quokkas, once thought to be a type of wallaby, but now regarded as another separate group
  • Musky-rat kangaroo (the smallest of all kangaroos)
  • Tree kangaroos, which live in trees, although they can easily jump to the ground from 6m up and escape along the ground if threatened. There are numerous species of tree-kangaroos. They have shorter hind legs and a long, non-prehensile tail which they use as a rudder for jumping between tree branches. They are the only type also found in New Guinea.
  • Pademelons, which are the smallest of the macropod family. There are many different varities of pademelons.
  • Wallaroos and euros, which come in between wallabies and kangaroos in size. They are characterised by a more thickset body, and are darker around the snout.

Then there are the potoroids - a sub-species of the kangaroo family. Examples include:

  • Rat-kangaroos, which look like oversized rats around the face and ears. There are various species of these, such as the Musky rat-kangaroo and the Rufous rat-kangaroo. Rat kangaroos are different to the kangaroo-rats of North America, and not at all related.
  • Potoroos, which are small and quite endangered. Gilbert's Potoroo is the most threatened marsupial species in Australia.
  • Bettongs which, like the potoroo, are sometimes included in with the rat-kangaroos. They are quite small, usually weighing only a couple of kilograms when mature.
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Q: How many types of kangaroos are there?
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How many types of kangaroos are in the Africa?

None. Kangaroos are not indigenous to Africa, they are from Australia.

What soil types do kangaroos live in?

some soils

What animals live in the Australian Savanna?

There are kangaroos,emus,koalas, many types of snakes and lizards and much more.

How many kangaroos are left on Earth?

Kangaroos number in their millions.

Can kangaroos choose the type of kangaroos that they can have?

No. There are over 60 distinct types of kangaroos, and the various species cannot cross-breed with each other, let alone choose which type their joeys will be.

What is the genus name for a kangaroo?

Macropus is just the genus. There are many different types of kangaroos and they all have different scientific names.

What two types of animals are unique to Australia?

Kangaroos and wombats

Does Australia export kangaroos?

Does Australia export kangaroos? Australia does export kangaroos to various countries for many reasons such as: food supply, zoos and many other reasons. They import the kangaroos on boats to many European countries for food supply. They send the kangaroos to many different countries to zoos, where they can entertain viewers.

How many Giant Kangaroos are there left in the wild?

Giant kangaroos no longer exist.

How many kangaroos are in the Great Barrier Reef?

None. Kangaroos are not marine mammals.

How many kangaroos live in Argentina?

None. Kangaroos are native to Australia. The only kangaroos found in their native habitat outside of Australia are the tree-kangaroos on the island of New Guinea.

How many kangaroos are in a mob?

There can be anywhere from a few dozen kangaroos in a mob to over a hundred.

How many intestines do kangaroos have?

Like humans, kangaroos have a small intestine and a large intestine.

How kangaroos become kangaroos?

Kangaroos are born as kangaroos.

Do kangaroos live in mountains?

Yes. The types of kangaroos most commonly found in mountainous areas are many of the various wallaby species, including rock wallabies, and wallaroos. These animals are stockier in build than Red kangaroos and Grey kangaroos, built for mountain slopes rather an high speeds across flat ground, and they subsequently have more agility for bounding up and down steep, mountainous slopes.

How many kangaroos die in a week?

How many kangaroos die in a week is not listed, but annual data is available. Last year, in 2012, an estimated four million kangaroos were killed in the country of Australia.

How many people have been eaten by kangaroos?

Probably zero considering kangaroos do not eat people.

Kangaroos are abundant in what country?

Kangaroos are abundant in many parts of Australia. This does not apply to all species, as many of the smaller species are endangered.

Are there any kangaroos in Western Australia?

Yes. There are many different species of kangaroos in Western Australia. Red kangaroos, in particular, are found throughout Western Australia.

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