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40% of the population.

470 million.

In the State of the Nation survey in 2006,

31% are lacto-vegetarian

9% are lacto-ovo vegetarian

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Q: How many vegetarians are there in India?
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What countries have the most percentage of vegetarians in it?


What is the vegetation like in india?

Most people in India are vegetarians that is why there skin is so clean

Which country is most famous for Lentil dishes?

I always think of India when I think of lentils. Probably because of the high number of vegetarians, they have created many recipies in India.

What food are commonly eaten in India?

Lentils, rice, whole wheat flour, and pigeon peas are commonly eaten in India. Many people in that are vegetarians so many dishes focus on vegetables.

What country has the highest percentage of vegetarians?

If your question is about lacto-vegetarians, answer would be India as there are millions of people who are so by religion. If it is about Veganism, I am not very sure.

Where are the most vegetarians and vegans?

Because of population density and religious traditions, India should have the most vegetarians. There is a higher percentage of vegans in Taiwan.

Does Hinduism promote vegetarianism?

In India, millions of Hindus are vegetarians because of their religious beliefs.

Which country has the largest percentage of vegans?

China. India has a high percentage of lacto vegetarians.

Why are many Hindu vegetarians?

Because they think that it is bad to kill animals, as animals give milk, butter, cheese etc. Cows are sacred in India

What do vegetarians eat to get iron?

there are many things vegetarians can eat for iron. tofu is a good source.

How many vegatarians are there?

There are about 400 million vegetarians in the world, so 6 percent of the population are vegetarians.

Why are people called vegetarians and non vegetarians?

Because they are referring to the person's diet. Many vegetarians call people who eat meat non-vegetarians while they usually call themselves omnivorous.

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