How many vegetarians are there in India?

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40% of the population.

470 million.

In the State of the Nation survey in 2006,

31% are lacto-vegetarian

9% are lacto-ovo vegetarian

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Most people in India are vegetarians that is why there skin is so clean

Lentils, rice, whole wheat flour, and pigeon peas are commonly eaten in India. Many people in that are vegetarians so many dishes focus on vegetables.

I always think of India when I think of lentils. Probably because of the high number of vegetarians, they have created many recipies in India.

Because of population density and religious traditions, India should have the most vegetarians. There is a higher percentage of vegans in Taiwan.

If your question is about lacto-vegetarians, answer would be India as there are millions of people who are so by religion. If it is about Veganism, I am not very sure.

China. India has a high percentage of lacto vegetarians.

In India, millions of Hindus are vegetarians because of their religious beliefs.

Because they are referring to the person's diet. Many vegetarians call people who eat meat non-vegetarians while they usually call themselves omnivorous.

There are about 400 million vegetarians in the world, so 6 percent of the population are vegetarians.

there are many things vegetarians can eat for iron. tofu is a good source.

In present India, there are two types of Hindus. One type is pure vegetarians who worship Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Durga etc. The other type are non vegetarians. They too worship the same gods.

There are many kinds of vegetarians. Some eat eggs and dairy products. Those types of vegetarians are known as "Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians." There are also vegetarians, known as vegans, who eat no animal products, whatsoever, including eggs, dairy, and honey. Many vegetarians give up eggs because of the known suffering that exists within the egg industry, and some vegetarians give up eggs for health reasons.

India has the most number of vegetarians. According to various sources (including Food and Agricultural Organization, UNO and United States Department of Agriculture, USA), about 30% (average of estimates) of Indian population is vegetarian. That means as of 2010 more than 300 million Indians are vegetarians. Indian vegetarians are rarely vegans and mostly lacto vegetarians (that is, vegetarians who consume milk, but not meat or eggs). There are substantial lacto ovo vegetarians (that is, who consume milk and eggs, but not meat), too.

No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?

It is about a fair split. While some will remain partial vegetarians, many will ultimatel bdome full-fledged vegetarians or even vegan after many years.

Yes, absolutely! In fact, many vegetarians probably prefer organic foods.

About 40% of the population.

Some are, but many are not.

The RDA does not change for vegetarians/non vegetarians.

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) provides the following statistics: Vegetarians - < 1,200,000 Percentage - < 2%

While there are some Hindus who are not vegetarians, most of them are. One reason for so many being vegetarians are a belief in nonviolence. Another is the belief that non vegetarian food is bad for the mind and hinders spiritual development.

About 50% of Indians are strict vegetarians. The other 50% eat non-veg food but not at every day or for every meal, unlike western or Muslim countries. Many Indian non-vegetarians eat meat only once a week or less. Some eat only for lunch....rarely for breakfast. Most people avoid meat on festivals or holy days or other days of religious significance.

Vegetarians can eat birds but then they are not vegetarians any more. Some vegetarians eat eggs.

There are so many different traditions of India. Most of them revolve around religion and culture. Most of them are vegetarians and love hot pepper. Women wear saris while men wear kurta and sherwanis among other traditions.

No! Perhaps why you may be confused: Many Indians follow Hinduism, Buddhism, or Jainism. These religions stress the importance of nonviolence, so many followers will become vegetarian, and even sometimes vegan. Many areas of India are impoverished, another reason why many Indians do not eat meat on a regular basis.

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