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You should eat two vitamins.

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Q: How many vitamins should you take if you're eleven?
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How many hours of exercise should an eleven year old get per week?

A eleven year old should get a minimum of 12 hours of organisms

How many servings of vitamins B and C should you have?

500mg day

What is the answer to the question, There are 5 bottles of vitamins in each box of vitamins. Each bottle of vitamins has 40 vitamins. if the clinic wants to have a supply of 1,200 vitamins which I'm the clinic, how many more boxes should they order?

6 boxes

How many vitamins should a teenager have per day?

1 multi should do & perhaps a "C".

How many type of vitamins?

How many type of vitamins

How many calories should a ten and eleven have per day?

I think it will be 7000 to1000

Is too much of vitamins intake harmful?

well it depends, vitamins like fish oil can be extremely dangerous if to many are taken , but if it is vitamins for kids, to many can also be harmful. I suggest 2 a day should be ok, but no more then that.

How many vitamins should a mother take while pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins are the best. Ask your doctor. Don't take vitamins which are not specifically for pregnant women as some (like vitamin A) can cause problems. With vitamins more is not better.

What are the best vitamins for children?

You should just purchase a bottle of Flintstones vitamins for your children to take. They have been around for many years, and are very reputable.

How many elevens are in eleven thousand and eleven?


Why do have many blood vessels?

you have alot of blood vessels because research is known that the blood vessels carry vitamins protines pretty much all kinds of nutrients and also oxygen they go all around youre body because everything in youre body needs oxygen vitamin proteins food and water that's why you have blood vessels all over youre body

How many calories should an eleven year old eat?

about 1100 to 1300 calories a day

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