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0.6 cubic feet in one 80 lb bag. with there being 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard: 0.02 cubic yards per bag, in other words, it would take 45 - 80lb bags to yeild 1 cubic yard of concrete

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Q: How many yards in a 80lb bag of concerte?
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How many 80lb bags of concrete equals 1.8 yards?

1.8 Cubic yards of concrete is 48.6 cubic feet. Each 80lb bag of concrete is .6 cubic feet. Therefore, you would need 81 bags. Hope that helps. GEO

How much water to 80LB bag of concrete?

4 quarts approx.

How much is an 80lb bag od cement cost at home depot?


How much concrete is in an 80 lb bag?

Every 80lb concrete bag should be mixed with 4 quarts or 3.7 liters of water. This mixture will allow you to place aproximately .60cu/ft of concrete. There are 27 cu/ft in a cu/yd. The number then becomes .0222 yards per 80lb bag. Therefore 45 bags of 80lb (4000 psi) concrete ready mix will be enough for 1 yard of concrete.

How many cubic yards in a 80lb bag of concrete?

Imagine a cube 3' x 3' x 3' . that is a cubic yard. I believe a bag is 1/3 of a yard. No It's less than that one 94 lb bag of Portland cement is one cubic foot. And there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard ( 3*3*3 = 27) so an 80 lb bag of premix is a little less than 1/27th

How many bags of soil for 1.5 cubic yards?

1.5 divided by the volume of your bag in cubic yards. 40.5 divided by the volume of your bag in cubic feet.

How much does a bag of concrete cost?

the price of one bag of cement in India is about 200 rupees.

How much concrete would it take to cover a 16x36x2inch deep area?

An 80lb bag of concrete you can at your local home improvement store covers about 4 square foot at 2" thick. So you would need about 144 bags of 80lb concrete.

How many square feet does 1 80lb bag of cement cover?

The coverage should be written somewhere on the front or back of the bag. If you are talking about ready-mix (the kind you only add water to), a bag will cover 2 sq ft at 4" depth (1' x 2' x 4").

80lbs of premix concrete is equal to how many cubic ft?

If memory serves me correctly it takes 3 80lb bags to make a cubic ft so one bag is .3333 cubic ft.

How many bags of cement is required for constructing 1X1 feet pillar of 10 feet height?

Best guess: 17 bags (80lb bags) with a third of a bag being left over. This is for Quikrete.

How many cubic yards will a 42 gallon bag hold?

There are 0.0011411411411411411 cubic yards in a 39 gallon trash bag.