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all of it

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โˆ™ 2008-12-26 06:07:32
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Q: How much Everclear do you pour in a glass?
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How much juice can you pour into a glass?

This depends on the volume of the glass !

How can you pour water into a glass cup without breaking the glass cup?

just pour normally

How much salt you can pour into a full glass of water?

12 kilos only, no more :-]

What liquids burn at very low temperatures?

Everclear, it is an alcohol with high potency that you can pour in your hand and set it ablaze and it would not burn you.

What is the standard pour for a glass of port?

4 ounces is a standard pour.

How much does it cost to but 1 liter of everclear vodka?

Everclear is a grain alcohol not a vodka. In most states 151 rund about 17$

If you have a 4 oz and a 9 oz glass how do you get 6 oz of water?

Fill the 9oz glass. Pour the 9 oz glass into the 4oz glass until the 4oz glass is full. You now have 5 oz in the 9oz glass. Empty the 4oz glass Pour pour the remaining water from the 9oz glass into the 4oz glass until it is full. You now have 1 oz in the 9oz glass. Empty the 4 oz glass. Pour the remaining 1oz in the 9oz glass into the 4 oz glass. Fill the 9oz glass. The 4oz glass with 1oz in it can now fit a total of 3 more oz. Pour the 9oz glass into the 4oz glass until it is full. You now have 6oz in the 9oz glass.

How is milk prepared?

Pour it into a glass

What happens to the inside of a glass when YOU pour hot water?

Nothing because pouring hot water in glass will do nothing except fogging the glass as you pour the water

Who sang Father of Mine?


Beverage that begin with e?

Everclear Everclear

How do you write pour in spanish?

verter = pour servir as in serve a glass of wine

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