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The estimate from any good company should be free. If you are asking how much the estimate is, there is no way of telling over the NET. How big an area, type of foundation, wiring, Plumbing, where you are located. Anywhere from $5,000 US to $50,000 and really, the skies the limit.

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How can you use basement in a sentence?

The basement is full of boxes. Go down to the basement. Watch the TV in the basement. My bedroom is in the basement.

What percentage of kids have a bedroom in their basement?

Approximately 25 percent of kids 15-18 who live in their parent's household have a bedroom in the basement. Only 9.356245% of kids under the age of 15 have a bedroom in the basement though.

How much did the average house cost in 1968?

14000 to 20000 that's 2-bedroom to 3-bedroom and no basement to full basement

Would a plant grow better in a bedroom or a basement?

probably a bedroom near a window

Is it legal to rent somebody a one bedroom basement apartment that does NOT have a window in the bedroom?

I really doubt it

In rhode island can a BASEMENT room with a closet window and exit be considered a bedroom when selling a house?

You can advertise it as a bedroom in a finished basement, but it might happen that the bank appraisers won't count it that way in their formal appraisal.

Is it illegal in New York to live in a basement bedroom with no windows?

well think of it this way...if a fire broke out in your bedroom...where would you go?

What are the release dates for Cash in the Attic - 2002 Basement-to-Bedroom Dreams 2-4?

Cash in the Attic - 2002 Basement-to-Bedroom Dreams 2-4 was released on: USA: 27 March 2006

Where to go after getting basement key from rocket executive Pokemon silver?

go to your bedroom

Small black worms in bedroom where does it come from?

This could be a carpet beetle larvae or could be millipedes if your bedroom is on the ground level or basement as millipedes are attracted to moisture.

Where did paramore practice before they were famous?

Well they said they started up at Josh's basement or his bedroom....

Where can you keep a hamster your room is to hot and your mum doesnt want it in the kitchen or lounge?

the spare bedroom or basement

Do you live in your parents basement?

No; Seems the fact that im 11.. i live in a bedroom of my mother and fathers house, lol

Name a room in your house you would like to be bigger?

Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Dining room, basement, kitchen

Can basement bedroom exist without a cold air return?

Supply and return grille locations are figured by the HVAC engineer or the contractor.

How many floors can you have in your home on Animal Crossing City Folk?

4 floors bedroom 2nd floor front room basement

What do you do after you get the ice in the haunted house on poptropica?

You still need the other 3 treasures: - the draught from the basement - the chalice from the attic - the lantern from the clocks in the bedroom

Is it illegal to have a bedroom without a window?

No, it is not.When selling a home, you cannot count a room without a window as a bedroom in the listing, and the room will not be counted as a bedroom for tax appraisal purposes. However, if you have a room in your home without a window (commonly in a basement) you may use it as a bedroom freely.Added: Because of the absence of an alternate means of escape from the room, some jurisdictions will not issue an occupancy permit for a windowless bedroom. Check your local codes.

Utilize in a sentence?

We talked about how to best utilize the extra bedroom in our home. How will you utilize the extra space in the basement? How can our school best utilize the grant money?

What are all the items in the haunted house on poptropica?

There are the 4 "treasures" you have to collect: - draught (basement) - ice (kitchen) - chalice (attic) - lantern (bedroom) You also get the key to the basement entrance, and a pickax to use to get ice. You will use a witch's broom to fly to the attic.

How much does it cost to paint a bedroom?

How big is your room? Is there texturing involved? Will you be doing it yourself or hiring a professional? That's what you need to think about, and then get 3 estimates.

Where is the light in the haunted house on poptropica?

The lantern is acquired in the bedroom, the room with the phone and fireplace. Beat the clocks to get the lantern, then fill it with kerosene in the basement. (see related question)

Can a basement be rented?

In some areas it is perfectly legal to rent a basement. However, make sure the basement is suitable to be used as living space, and above all, is in compliance with local building, house and fire code, as well as with city ordinances. Most codes demand that basements that are used as a bedroom have an egress window, or two safe ways to exit the basement, in case of emergency. Consult the housing authorities to see what kind of features are required. Do not rent a basement that is not 100% legal and up to code. If caught renting an illegal basement, you may face fines that will amount to much more than you would have paid to make the basement up to code.

What are parts of living area?

all parts of the house that are heated and cooled. not the garage or attic or basement (unless it is finished to be used for office or bedroom or tv room.. you know habitable.)

What do you do after you do the puzzle in Poptropica's haunted house?

You still need the other treasures (total of four) : The lantern - from the bedroom with the two clocks The ice - from the refrigerator The draught - from the high shelf in the basement When you have all the treasures, fill the lanetern with kerosene at the basement barrel, and talk to the ghost cat (to the right of the kitchen).