How much bandwidth is advisable for a commerce site designed to sell your own CDs and downloads if you have several MP3 sample clips among other things like photos on the site and moderate traffic?

Heres how you calculate required bandwidth: If 100 people want to download a 15 MB file from your server then: 100 people * 15 MB = 1,500 MB = 1.5 GB (1GB=1000MB) So you need 1.5 GB downstream bandwidth. If you expect 100 people per day to download the file, then for a 31-day month, you'll need 45 GB downstream bandwidth, since bandwidth is usually advertised as the number of GB per month. So if you have 15 people that want to download a 2MB image and 10 people that want to download a 3MB sound file, then: (15 people * 2 MB) + (10 people * 3 MB) = 60 MB = .06 GB -DJ Craig