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Heres how you calculate required bandwidth:

If 100 people want to download a 15 MB file from your server then:

100 people * 15 MB = 1,500 MB = 1.5 GB (1GB=1000MB)

So you need 1.5 GB downstream bandwidth. If you expect 100 people per day to download the file, then for a 31-day month, you'll need 45 GB downstream bandwidth, since bandwidth is usually advertised as the number of GB per month.

So if you have 15 people that want to download a 2MB image and 10 people that want to download a 3MB sound file, then:

(15 people * 2 MB) + (10 people * 3 MB) = 60 MB = .06 GB

-DJ Craig

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Q: How much bandwidth is advisable for a commerce site designed to sell your own CDs and downloads if you have several MP3 sample clips among other things like photos on the site and moderate traffic?
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