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How much do a WWE wrestler get paid if they have a WWE title?


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They don't get paid by the match! They get paid whatever their contract states!

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Whatever their contract is for.

They are not paid by the match. It is whatever is in their contract.

depends on their contract every contract is different

On the intenet it only displays the 2006 paid salaries.

The Professional Wrestler in WWE that gets paid the most is John Cena.

It varies by the contract of the wrestler. if the contract is longer they get paid more. if the contract is shorter it is worth less.

heck yeh he is my fav wrestler

A wrestler is paid on wheather he or she can good merchandize of their character. The World Heavyweight/WWE champion are paid greater amounts because they are to travel more and perform more often then some lower ranking stars

There is a wrestler from Ghana in WWE and his name is Kofi Kingston and he is currently on the SmackDown brand in a feud with Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler over the title.

Probably not, because he has only been in WWE for two years and the longer you wrestle, the more you get paid

who was the fist wwe wrestler

It depends on who the wrestler is and what type of match he is wrestling. For ex: the amount of money a mid-card wrestler makes in a year will equal probably what Undertaker is paid for one match appearance at Wrestlemania. The amount depends on the contract they have signed with the WWE. WWE typically offers more money to popular and top stars and the lower level wrestlers are paid much lesser. For a mid-card level wrestler, we can roughly say that they will get paid around $500-1000 per match but this isn't a fixed amount and may vary from person to person.

Triple H is in highest on foreslist for the last 10 years for year 2011. John Cena is second most paid wrestler.

WWE Wrestler Edge is 6.6

No you do not need college to be a WWE Wrestler

No because he is the high paid wrestler in WWE hsitory.

Any of the newcommers. Or some of the stars who on preform on Dark Shows.

There is no average WWE wrestler, the top talents in the sport earn 500,000 dollars a year to 1 million dollars a year. They have other benefits like first class travel buses and jet travel.

Randy Orton.He defeated triple H bautista and Shane.

No. There is no WWE Wrestler by the name of John Hunter.

At 16 Jeff Hardy was the youngest wrestler ever in the wwe

About 16000 Dollars a title match

probably about 1500$ a match

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