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Because veterinary assisting is an entry-level position with no requirements for specialized education or training, veterinary assistants generally start out making close to minimum wage. Over time the hourly wage may increase, but it will often be limited because many states limit the tasks that a veterinary assistant may perform at all or without a licensed veterinarian within line of sight.

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Q: How much do veterinary assistant make?
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How much does a veterinary assistant make in Texas?

$25,000 a year

How much do veterinary assistants make in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, the average annual salary for a veterinary assistant is $24,000. The average annual salary for veterinary assistants in South Carolina is $28,000.

How much does a veterinarian assistant make?

The median expected salary for a typical Veterinary Assistant in the United States is $24,415. Vet Assistant make about $8-10 an hour. Vet TECHS make about $24,415

What is a veterinary assistant required clothing?

what does a veterinary assistant usually wear?

What is the average hourly wage of Veterinary Assistant in the US?

Veterinary assistants tend to make close to minimum wage. This is an entry level-position in a veterinary facility and training is generally done on the job. Over time, veterinary assistants may increase their pay rate, however due to laws/rules in each state that limit what a veterinary assistant can do vs. a veterinary technician, veterinary assistants often do not make as much as a credentialed veterinary technician even with experience.

Does a veterinary technician get paid more than a veterinary assistant?

Yes, in general a veterinary technician would be paid more than a veterinary assistant.

How much does a veterinarian assistant make an hour?

The salary for a certified veterinary assistant will vary depending on experience and location worked. The average certified vet assistant salary is about $33,000 per year.

Do you need a high school diploma to be a veterinary assistant?

You need a high school diploma for pretty much any decent job (yes, that includes veterinary assistant).

How much education does one need for a veterinary assistant career?

There are few or none specific education requirements for a veterinary assistant. They mostly rely upon on the job training.

How much does a veterinary assistant get paid a week?

Veterinary assistants get paid anywhere from minimum wage to $14 an hour in the US. The reason for the variation is that there are no legal requirements for special education or training for veterinary assistants and in many states there are legal limits set on what a veterinary assistant may do in a veterinary practice. Experience also plays a part in what pay rate is given to an assistant.

How much do veterinary researchers make per year?

How much do veterinary researchers make per year

How much does a Veterinary Assistants make an hour?

Well when I was a vet assistant they only started me out at $7.50/hr that was in 2001. So basically they get paid crap.

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