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How much do you pay psp WiFi fees?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:57:37

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It is free. I have a psp and love it. The WiFi feature is completely free. The only thing that isn't free is if you use the t-mobile hot spot feature witch is a mobile internet, but if you have a wireless router or are anywhere near one, it should work.

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2011-09-13 03:57:37
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Q: How much do you pay psp WiFi fees?
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Does the old PSP have wifi?

Yes, PSP has Wifi.

Does PSP e1004has WiFi?

The PSP Street (E1000) does not have wifi.

What is WiFi on PSP?

Wifi refers to wireless internet access.PSP supports wifi.Meaning you can connect wireless to the internet with your PSP if a Wifi is available.With Wifi you can surf the internet.

How much will a psp vita cost?

$249 for the one with wifi and $299 for the one with WiFi and 3g

How much does psp vita cost?

wifi model: $250 wifi/3G model: $300

Do PSP e1004 have wifi?

No it does not have wifi

Is psp 1004 having wifi?

yes,psp 1004 having wifi.

Which PSP has wifi?

The PSP models that have Wi-Fi are; PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP Go (N-1000). The PSP E-1000 (PSP Street) does not have WiFi

Did the psp E1004 include wifi?

No, the 'Street PSP', the E1000 series, does not have any wifi capabilities.

What s the price of new PSP?

PSP 3000- $130 PSP GO- $211 PSP Vita- Wifi model $250 Wifi/3G $300

Can you download wifi on psp street?

The PSP Street has no wifi capabilities, so no. It has no wireless hardware inside.

How do you get on internet on the PSP?

you have to have wifi

is there a wifi aonnection for the psp?

WiFi Max Wireless Connection For PSP will help you with that. It's under 30.00 and is from :

Do you have to pay monthly on a PSP go?

No. There are no extra costs or fees on the PSP Go (or any PSP) The only money that is spent after purchasing is spent on Games/Videos/Comics from the PlayStation Network.

How much do you have to pay for internet on the PSP?

You do not pay for the internet on your PSP.You will need a Wifi Adapter for you internet modem.You can buy these at many stores.This will then send out an internet source which you can then pick up on you PSP.Now you have to connect your wifi access point up with your PSP.To do so, first go to settings go right to the bottom of this list and press network settings, select infrastructure and you can pick up your wifi access point.Select it, put in your Key code (if needed) and connect.Then go to the internet browser let it load up your wifi access point and then your up and running.Now all you do it put in the web address you would like to go to.Hope this helps :)

Which PSP model has WiFi?

All PSP models except for the PSP Street, PSP-E1000 series.

Does all PSP have wifi connectivity?

No, the 'Street PSP', PSP-E1000, has no wi-fi.

Does PSP 3006 has wifi?


Can you get Facebook on a PSP 2000?

As long as you have WiFi, then yes. You cannot get on it without WiFi.

Why wont your psp connect to your wifi?

I think it has something to do with you wifi restrictions Save

How can you WiFi for your PSP?

Switch on the WLAN switch on your PSP.Make sure that you have Wifi access available.Then go to network, internet browser and you can start surfing the net with the wifi internet access.

How do you enable wifi on PSP e1004?

The E1000 PSP, or PSP Street, does not have any wi-fi capabilities.

How can you get internet on the go psp?

same as older version of psp, via WiFi.

How do you get wifi on psp e1004?

The PSP E1000 series does not have wi-fi capabilities.

How can you boost your WiFi on your psp?

Get closer to your router.