PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

The PlayStation Vita is the newest PlayStation portable gaming system and comes in 3G and WiFi models with 5" OLED capacitive touch screen, rear multi-touch pad and dual analog sticks and front and rear cameras. Ask questions about this handheld gaming device in this category.

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PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Does the Psp Vita Have a Umd Slot?

The Vita does not have a UMD slot. It can only play PSP that have been purchased digitally through the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Do PS Vita's have disks?

No, the PS Vita has a cartridge-based system similar to the Nintendo DS. These are called PS Vita Game Cards.

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

How much is the playstation vita going to cost?

In the US, $250. For the 3G it will be 300$

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Does the PS vita use sd cards?

No, it has its own proprietary PS Vita Memory Stick, about the size of a Micro SD card.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Is MW3 going to be out for PSVita?

No there will not be a Modern Warfare 3 for the PS Vita, the COD game that came out for it in December 2012 was Black Ops Declassified.

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PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Can PS vita play PSP games?

It does not have a UMD drive, but a selection of compatible PSP games can be bought for it from the PSN. The full PSP library is not currently available, though more games will be made compatible in the future.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Will call of duty mw3 be on PS vita?

Im sorry but no. I'm getting the PS VITA and i wanted it to come out with MW3. But mw3 comes out for WII,PS3,XBOX 360,and im not sure for DS. The only way they would make it for PS VITA is if they Delayed the game.

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

How many GB does PS vita have?

The bundle comes with a 4 GB memory card for the PlayStation Vita First Edition and you must purchase a memory card for the other models

Saudi Arabia
PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Where to buy PS Vita in jeddah?

it is coming in october and it will come in tokyo games

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

How much will a psp vita cost?

$249 for the one with wifi and $299 for the one with WiFi and 3g

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

What does 3G mean for PS vita?

It can get the internet with the Mobile network connectivity (3G) network or with EEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1x1)(Wi-Fi)(Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode) WiFi

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PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Can a PS Vita connect with a PS3?

Yes it can

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Is MW3 going to be out for PS Vita?

No it will not be for the Vita or the PSP Nintendo DS is the only handheld version release

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Does PSP vita use PSP games?

No, you can't. You need to download games for that.

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PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Which is more powerful PS Vita or 3DS?

i would say the ps vita

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

How much does a psp vita cost?

In the US, the Vita costs $249.99 for the Wi-Fi only version and $299.99 for Wi-Fi/3G

In Canada, the Vita costs $249.99 for the Wi-Fi only version. The Wi-Fi/3G version is not yet available but will likely cost $299.99 as well.

In Japan, the Wi-Fi version costs 24,980 yen and the Wi-Fi/3G version 29,980 yen.

In the UK, the Wi-Fi only version costs £209.99. When the Wi-Fi/3G version launches, that version will cost £259.99. For the rest of Europe, it will cost €249.99 and €299.99 respectively.

In Australia, the Wi-Fi only version is $348 and Wi-Fi/3G is $418.

Please note that none of these prices include any shipping charges or taxes based on your region.

Saudi Arabia
PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

How much does a psp vita cost in saudi arabia?

I think around 1200 to 1300 maximum

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Is dust 514 for the PS vita?

No Dust 514 will be a new PS3 game by Sony to be released on December 31 2012

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Do you have to download PS Vita's games or do they have games?

They have games on PSVita Game Cards which are sold in stores, and the games can be bought in digital format from the PSN store.

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PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

How do you play youtube videos in nokia c2 03?

Nokia C2-03 is not compatible for youtube videos, it is not possible to watch any video from the internet options

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

When is the psp vita coming out?

February 15 and February 22 2012

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

When does the PlayStation Vita come out?

Playstation Vita will be released on February 22, 2012.

It was to be released on December 31 2011 and the date slipped

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

What is the price of psp vita?

they start at $249 for WiFi model the 3G WiFi is $299 and the First Edition Bundle is $350

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

What is the price of PS vita?

With 3g AND WIFI, IT IS 299.99 DOLLARS

With only wifi, it is 249.99 DOLLARS

PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Should you buy a PS vita?

According to my opinion, you should. It has various features such as:

Touch screen/ Rear Touchpad

Front Camera/Rear Camera

Six Axis sensors

Motions Sensors


Two Analog sticks

PS3 like graphics

3G with At&t (optional)

and other features

there are two models

3G and wifi model is 299

Only wifi is 249

for 3g you have to pay monthly fo rthe service


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