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How much does a cardiologist make?

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he makes 90,000 starting out and 100,000 after about 20 years
In Canada the lowest is $160,000 starting. Median is $327,000. Highest is $411,000C.
like 50,000$ i guess

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How much does a cardiologist make a week?

12,000 a week

How much do cardiologist make yearly?

450,000+ it depends on what you speliase in...

How much money does a cardiologist make in a day?

3000.00 a day

How much do doctors make in California?

cardiologist make 442,000 per year

How much do cardiologist make a year?

Anywhere Around 200,000 up to 800,000

How much money does Invasive cardiologist make?

The median pay of an Invasive Cardiologist is $282,770.source: Where i am located approx. $450,000+

How much does a cardiologist make first starting off in the u.s.?

20 to 25 dollars A week

How much money does a cardiologist make per year.?

The starting salary for a non-invasive Cardiologist is about $210,000 but it can go all the way up to about $500,000 Non-invasive Cardiologist do not perform the surgery they give medicine and diagnose the problem A invasive Cardiologist salary starts out at about $240,000 but it can go all the way up to around $800,000 Invasive Cardiologist perform surgery on the persons heart. This is correct because I am a Cardiologist and have been for 10 years

Does a cardiologist make more money than a neurologist?

it depends on the type of cardiologist and neurologist. Also, if they're working in a hospital or have their own office. In general, a neurologist is more likely to make more than a cardiologist,

How much money does a cardiologist make in Canada?

The median pay is $231,000. That's for a Non Invasive Cardiologist. A Invasive Cardiologist (open heart surgeon) makes lots more, around $400,000 at start. Actually, to expand and correct the previous answer slightly: An invasive cardiologist is NOT and open heart surgeon. An open heart surgeon is a cardiothoracic surgeon. An invasive cardiologist is either interventional or non-interventional (that does only diagnostic cardiac catheterizations) cardiologist. See....this is how information is misread and misunderstood and distributed incorrectly.

How much do cardiologist make annually?

Annually, Cardiologists make $219.770. The lowest mean salary being $166,000 and the highest being $310,000 a year.

How much does an interventional cardiologist make?

Interventional cardiologist typically specialize is caring for patients with coronary artery disease. In addition to seeing patients in their clinic, they are often referred patients that are known to have had myocardial infarction (heart attack). The average interventionalist likely makes $250K. A busy interventionalist in a busy practice can make as much as $500K.

How much time does it takes to become a cardiologist?

14+ years.

How much do cardiologist get paid?

In the USA: 300,000USD-1,000,000USD. Depends in your location in Beverly hills they make millions and other states. New York probably 300k. In Canada: In Canada between the years of 1990-1999 in Windsor Ontario a cardiologist could make 1 million dollars a year.

How much schooling does a pediatric cardiologist make?

The schooling a pediatric cardiologist has to have is: 4 years of college 4 years of medical school 3-4 years of pediatric residency 3 years of pediatric cardiology fellowship So about 14-15 years of higher education is required. And a pediatric cardiologist makes about 230,000 per year.

How much does a cardiologist surgeon earn an hour?

As iam a cardiologist I can say my income in an hour so my one hour earing is appoximetly 3200 rupees

What does a cardiologist do?

A cardiologist specializes in treating the heart.

How to become a intervention cardiologist?

An interventional cardiologist is a cardiologist with additional experience in procedures performed on the heart.

How much do cardiologist surgeons earn?

80,00-100,000 per yr

What job pays 500000 a year?

cardiologist make well over 500k... they make about 700k

What is the correct name for Cardiologist?

cardiologist for heart problems

What advancement opportunities would a cardiologist have?

Nuclear cardiologist

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cardiologist?

When choosing a cardiologist there are many factors to take into consideration. The experience and credentials that a cardiologist has are important to consider, and it may be helpful for a person to choose a cardiologist that is specialized in their particular condition. A person can also ask their friends and family if they know of a cardiac doctor that they have had a positive experience with and make a recommendation. A person should also look for a cardiologist that is knowledgeable and how easily and accurately they can answer a patient's questions.

How do you use cardiologist in a sentence?

When I first saw you, my heart beat so fast that I consulted my cardiologist. A cardiologist is a heart specialist.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a cardiologist?

An advantage of being a cardiologist is that this career pays well. Another advantage of being a cardiologist is that you can save a person's life. A disadvantage of being a cardiologist is that you work a lot of hours. Another disadvantage of being a cardiologist is that you can not cure everyone.