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How much does a food inspector make?

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A $1 an hour

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How much money does an inspector make?

What type of inspector: Food, house, aircraft ??? commercial vehicle

How much money does food inspector make in a year?

a food inspector could make up to about 17,000 dollars a year.They make that much because of the fact that they have to touch it,taste it,and smell it and that may cause death.

How much money does a fda food inspector make?

hi dear, fda inspector earns 5-6 lacs rs monthly

What does a food inspector do?

A food inspector goes to newly built restaurants and he looks at he place and tastes the food to make sure it's safe for people to eat

Food inspector salary?

whats the salary for food inspector

Food and drug inspector?

what is a food and drug inspector<33333333

What is the average salary of a food inspector?

In the United States, meat and poultry food inspectors start at abour $31,000 a year. On average, a food inspector will make between $40,000 and $50,000 a year before overtime.

How much money does an OSHA inspector make a year?


How much does a private osha inspector make?

A private OSHA inspector can make around 70,000 dollars a year. They usually bill by the job or by the company that they work for.

What course has to do food inspector?

the food course

How much does a fire inspector make?

The salary for a a fire inspector will vary depending on experience and location worked. The average salary is about $54,951 per year.

How much money does an electrical inspector make?

An electrical inspector makes about 55,000 dollars a year. This amount depends on experience and location but this is the average amount.

How much does a nypd inspector make?

An NYPD inspector makes a base salary is 87,278 a year. The total pay of a NYPD Detective is 97,735 a year;

How does a food service inspector evaluates a inspection policy?

An inspector does not evaluate policy, he adheres to it.

What does a food and drug inspector do at work?


How much does a food server make?

It can vary how much you can expect to make as a food server. In general you will make minimum wage and tips.

How much do food service workers make at a hospital?

how much does a food service worker make hourly at a hospital

How much food does the US make?

trillons of food.

Role of police inspector in disaster management?

Police inspector supplies food,medicine etc. Police inspector and his team take the injured people to the hospital.

What do you have to do to become a food inspector?

In the United States, to become a meat and poultry inspector you simply need to have some relevant experience in the meat or poultry industry and apply for a position with FSIS. The process is similar to become a food inspector with FDA.

How do you make a sentence with the word inspector?

The inspector investigated the burnded house. Hope this helped!!!

why does eating too much food make you obese?

Makes ya fat bitchesesesdsgfdhx

What is a health inspector?

a health inspector is a guy or girl who comes to a restaurant to see if it is clean, the food is healthy, and if the cook has a clean work station and to see if the food is good of course

Definition of a food inspector?

A food inspector is a person that inspects the food of a company or business so that the people that buys it are not poison or catch any sort of virus,bacteria or infection.Most importantly that they don't find any sort of insects breeding in their food. (:

What is the yearly salary for a food and drug inspector?

100,000$ a year