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How much does a moped cost?

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βˆ™ 2008-02-17 08:40:16

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it depends on how much you think it's worth.

2008-02-17 08:40:16
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How much is insurance on a 50cc moped?

It cost me about £100 a year

How much does it cost to replace an exhaust for a moped?

£50 for it all

How much does a Quebec moped scooter license plate cost?


How much did a moped cost in 1960?

a decent one would cost £90 - £100 roughly

How much does it cost overall for a 16 year old to get a moped UK?

A moped can be bought fairly cheaply, however you may want to look into the insurance as it will be double or triple the cost of the bike.

How much is a logbook for a moped?

£10-£30 depending on the moped type and age

How much is it to insure a Yamaha aerox moped?


How much fuel does a 50cc moped hold?

usually about 1.5

What's required to drive a moped-?

Driving a moped is like driving a car. You have to have a licences to drive a moped.

Where can I find a Wiring diagram for 50cc moped?

WHere can I find out how to put a moped enginge and all on a 50 cc moped?

How many horsepower does a Honda Hobbit moped have?

Not very much about 1 hp.

What kind of license do you need to ride a moped?

a moped license

When was Johnny Moped created?

Johnny Moped was created in 1976.

need to find out if moped is stolen?

how to find out if moped is stolen

Age to drive a moped in UK?

You can drive a moped at the age of 14. The age for a moped in the U.K. is 16. Spain and Italy is 14

Do you need auto insurance when owning a tomos streetmate Moped?

Yes. Mopeds, like all motorized vehicles require liability insurance. The cost for basic liability is about $80 a year for any size scooter, moped, or motorcycle.

In California how old do you have to be to ride a moped?

in California how old do you have to be to ride a moped?

In Wisconsin how old do you have to be to ride a moped?

14. but the moped has to be under 50cc's

Where are the fuses for piaggio zip moped?

where are the fuses for piaggio zip moped

What is Moped Army's motto?

The motto of Moped Army is 'Swarm and Destroy'.

What exactly is moped insurance ?

moped insurance is insurance for a moped. A moped is like a small motorized scooter/bike like thing used to help transport people. Most commonly used in europe

Motorcycle license for a scooter moped in pa?

You need a motorcycle license for a moped over 50ccs. You need a moped license for under 50cc.

How old do you have to be to ride a moped in Iowa?

To ride a moped in the Hawkeye State, you need to be fourteen years old and take a moped safety class.

How much is motorcycle insurance for a 16 year old boy with 50cc moped?

it depends really on other factors like what area you live in, where it will be left (eg, locked garage) how often (roughly) you will use it but if you have a moped and not like a supermoto it will probs cost bowt £300 ish roughly so not a lot really hope this helps m8

Do you need a license in ny for a moped under 50 cc?

yes, you need a license to operate any type of moped. But i think it would be a waste to get a moped lower than 50cc. i actually prefer 150cc becase it is not to much bigger and it goes 65mph instead of 35 for the 50cc.