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The cost of vehicle registration would depend on the state you were trying to register it in, which you failed to mention... However, If you are a minor(aka under 18 years of age) you may not be able to legally OWN the vehicle without having an adult on the title as well.

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Q: How much does a registration fee cost for a 16-year-old with his or her own car?
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How much does it cost to register my car in Delaware?

Renewing your car registration in Delaware costs $40. However, initial registration of a car depends on the initial purchase price of the car.

How much does it cost for car registration?

It varies depending on the value of the car and the fees which are charged by your jurisdiction.

How much does it cost to register a car in ct?

The registration fee for a new car in the state of Connecticut is six percent of the new car price. The registration fee for an out of state car is $15.

How much does it cost to register a car in RI?

it cost 7%of the cost of the vehicle plus title transfer about 61dollars plus registration cost.

What do you do to find out the cost of a car registration?

You can't.

How much is an expired registration ticket in Texas?

Generally, a fee is added to the cost of the registration and it continues until it is paid when then car is registered. My husband let a registration go for 4 years before he wanted to drive the car and ended up paying over 2500 for the fees, interest, and registration of the car that sat in his driveway. Look on your registration forms and the small print will give you an idea how much you will owe.

How much on average does title and registration cost on a used car?

In the state of Texas depending on which County you reside and what year the car is the registration will vary between $40.80 to $60.80. Title fee is $28.00

How much is a new car registration fee?

what are registration and license fees on a new car in north carolina

How much does a used car registration cost in New Jersey?

The car registration fees in New Jersey are based on the age and the weight of the vehicle. For instance, if the car is older than two years and weighs under $3,500 pounds, the registration fee as of September 2014 is $46.50. If the car is older than two years and weighs over 3,500 pounds the registration fee is $71.50.

How much are new car plates when buying a car?

The answer depends on the state and possibly the car. Only your dealership or DMV will know for certain. Usually the registration cost is based on the value of the car.

How much does a car registration duplicate cost?

Varies greatly from state to state. Go to your local DMV website to find out.

Someone is selling a car without a title how do you get a title for it and how much will it cost?

Each state has provision for a duplicate title. You can contact the department of motor vehicles. You will need the information on the registration. You should probably make a copy of the registration. The cost will vary according to state or country.

How much does a new car cost on average?

How much does a new car cost?

How much for tax and registration for a car?

Depends on the state you live in.

How much does it cost to register a car in Connecticut?

How much does it cost to register a car in Connecticut?

How much did a average car cost in 1996?

how much did an average car cost in 1996?

How much does it cost to transfer a car title under your name in iL?

The total fee for a standard vehicle is $196. $95 is for the title and $101 is for the registration and plates.

How much should a registration at department of motor vehicles cost on a 1991Mitsubishi 3000gt that is been parked for five years?

Generally speaking if the car has been parked for five years and not operated on public streets or highways during that time the cost of registration would only be for the current year.

Can your car be repossessed due to no registration?

No, a car can not be repossessed due to having no registration. A car can be repossessed for non payment. The police can have a car towed to an impound lot if there is no registration.

Lost car registration and license plate what can I do?

Go to the state licensing office and request a replacement. In Oregon the replacement cost for a registration card is only $5.00

Does the car dealer keep registration fees on a trade in?

All car dealers SHOULD keep registration fees on a trade in car but if a client requests other wise then there is not much they can or will do, although if you ask to know the registration fees they should be able to tell you.

Can you get new car registration papers?

yes you can get new car registration papers

How much do you get charged for car registration in Australia?

car registration in Australia is calculated on the weight and engine size of the vehicle so it varies with different makes and models

What was the average cost for a car in 1995?

how much did a car cost in 1995

How much does it cost to repair a tumbler in a car ignition?

about how much does it cost to repair a car ignition tumbler