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How much does a talent agent make yearly?


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September 13, 2011 3:43AM

I was a talent agent in las Vegas for 15 years. Depending on what kind of talent you are booking, as well as many other factors, the salary can range greatly. I booked specialty acts. Average act would make 2k to 15k for a corporate event and $2,500-10k per week if in a long contract. Most agents make 15% commission from full contract price. Sometimes more. There are no limits or laws. You have to build clientle as well as artists. Basically, the more you book, the more you make. If you are booking headline entertainers it is much much more, because the artists make more. By the time I stopped, I was making appx. $80k-100k per year. No schooling, I learned on the job. It takes a special personality to be a talent agent. You have to know how to read people and keep all parties happy. It is a crazy business and usually, everyone wants an agent but, never wants to pay one. You must have knowledge of contracts, travel, immigration, accounting and cannot be afraid to call anyone and sell yourself. I don't miss it.