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It will depend on what country you are in. If you are in Canada, and working in Alberta, you can expect to make about $43/hour as a journeyman.


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An electrician in the UK can earn between £10 - £20 an hour

29500 a year 38500 with call out

The median expected salary for a typical Electrician III in the United States is $49,931.

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Depends on where they're working, and their level of experience.

are you stupid you get paid 1450 each month in england

21.50 to 34.00 hr in GOM depends on what company you work for

depends on where he works? Electricians work at McDonald's and all the way to Company's.

A union electrician starts at 19hr in nj locals

any thing from r8000-00 to r25000 depends on qualification and the kind of industry

about 30 dollars an hour. so sbout 70,000 a year

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In Adelaide, anywhere from $25-34 an hour = $950-1290 a week = $49-67k a year

An electrician in Washington, DC can earn over $78,000 plus paid benefits per year.

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The top pay for a residential electrician in the Birmingham Ala area is around sixteen to seventeen dollars an hour.

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