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How much does it cost for a DNA test?

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How much cost in DNA test in st luke's?

how much the cost of dna test in st lukes manila

How much does it cost to do a DNA test in Georgia?

A paternity test (DNA test) in Georgia will cost somewhere between $400 to $2,000. Depending on where you get the test taken.

How much does a DNA test cost in Indonesia?


How much does a DNA test cost through the hospital?

The cost for DNA test could be varying depending on the purpose of the testing. The standard paternity DNA test normally costs ranging from $75 to $100. The cost increases dramatically for complicated DNA test. But you can always get good deal by search web.

How much will cost DNA testing?

Paternatie Test cost between 400 and 2000 depending on where you live

How much cost in DNA test Cebu city Philippines?

It cost PHP 10.000.- in Cebu City.

How much the lowest cost for DNA Test in the Philippines?

twenty five thousand pesos

How much does a DNA test cost in Egypt?

around EGP 2600 in Al Borg Labs

How much does a DNA test cost in Kenya?

dna testing would cost around kshs 7000.however for legal purposes the price might be as high as kshs 17000.

How much does it cost to have a DNA test done whilst pregnant?

DNA tests on unborn babies are not recommended by health professionals as there is an incresed risk of miscarriage.

How much did a DNA test cost in 2001?

According to city journal in winter 2000, an individual DNA test would cost only about $50-$100 to perform, but you will probably have needed to pay more then, as service has not been acoounted for, unless you are doing it yourself.

How much will it cost to do a paternity test at 6 months pregnant?

You cannot do a prenatal test at that stage of a pregnancy, however you can do a test the day the baby is born Andrea@DNA QLD

How much is the cost of paternity test in the Philippines?

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory. DNA paternity test 16 Loci - 99.9% Accuracy. 15,000 for 1 father & 1 child (with or without mother's DNA)

How much dna test?

The amount of DNA test varies from one country to another. The DNA test ranges from about $90 to about $2000. Private hospitals usually charge more for the DNA tests.

What will be the cost of hpv DNA test in Indian rupee?

Max. cost of 16,000 and min. cost of 10,000

What is the typical cost for DNA paternity testing?

The cost of paternity DNA testing will vary according to where one has it done. In the United States a lab DNA paternity test will cost between $400 and $2000 with an average around $700 to $1000. One can purchase DNA test kits for significantly less though.

What is the DNA testing cost in Canada?

The cost for a DNA paternity test in Canada is around $200. If it is required to be admissible in court, the cost goes up to $500 or $600. However, there are many different agencies to obtain the test results from and the cost varies.

How much is the cost of DNA?


How much does DNA testing cost for animals and who does it?

costs nothing and you do it :)It depends on what kind of DNA test you need for the type of animal you want.There are Avian DNA tests available for Bird sexing, For Canine there are DNA tests for dog breeds and deceases.

How much is a DNA test at the hospital?

About $200.

How much does a PSA test cost?

A PSA test will cost as much as $500 for those that do not have insurance. This is a test that has to do with prostate cancer in men.

How much is a DNA test on an unborn child?

DNA testing cannot be done on an unborn child. In Canada once the child is born is can cost $1200 - $1500. I imagine it's cheaper in the U.S.

How much is DNA test here in the Philippines?


What is the average cost of a DNA paternity test?

Costs of a DNA paternity test vary greatly. When conducted in a Dr's office, the average price is $500, although it can range from as low as $250 to as high as $2,000. Test kits can be bought online for much lower cost, even as low as $12, but it is important to remember that this is the cost for the kit itself and does not include the lab processing fee which is an additional $100-150 on average.

How much does DNA testing cost in Philippines?

In the Philippines a DNA cost $12,000 - $15,000 dollars, For the DNA of one father and one child it is $15,000, this is excluding the mothers DNA.