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How much does it cost on average to repair brakes on a car?


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2014-12-29 05:37:26
2014-12-29 05:37:26

If it just needs brake pads they are only around twenty dollars plus labor if done for you.


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If you are wondering the cost of repairing auto brakes because you have been hearing a lot of squealing and squeaking in your brakes whenever you drive, then the average cost is around 200-300 dollars.

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If you are looking for more information on how much does it cost to repair my brakes, and where is a good place to do so, the best place to look for the information is on

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The cost to repair the brakes on a 2003 Ford Explorer depends on the brand of the brakes, and the person/shop doing the repair. It can generally run between $70 and $200+ depending on those variables.

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How much would brake repairs cost for a 2005 Freestyle?

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Brakes usually cost for this saturn around the $35-45 price range,which include brakes and labor

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