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How much does it cost to repair brake pads?

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2011-11-08 09:56:09

Not much if you know what you are doing. If you don't know what

you are doing, take it to Pep Boys or something and you can usually

get it done for forty or fifty dollars

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Front brake pads replacement cost usually cost between $20 and $35,

depending on quality and the vehicle. Rotors are usually under

$100.00 ea, again depending on the vehicle, but you may not need

them. They're much less for passanger cars and more for trucks.

Calipers only need to be replaced if they're leaking or sticking.

If you can do the job yourself, you can save a lot of money. If you

take it to a mechanic, the bid won't include the rotors, but when

you get the bill you'll pay for them anyway. Most shops won't turn

the rotors and will install new ones, but if they aren't damaged

you can often re-use rotors by having them resurfaced at a cost of

$5.00 to $15 ea, depending on where it's done.

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