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The average cost to replace a tie rod is approximately $200. You can save about $125 of labor by replacing the tie rod your self.

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Q: How much does it cost to replace a tie rod?
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How much does it cost to replace a 2005 galont a tie rod?

Inner tie rod end 185.00 with labor outer tie rod end 165.00 with labor plus alignment

How much to replace Hub and Tie Rod on 2004 Chevy Venture?

The cost to replace hub and tie rod on 2004 Chevy Venture is about $100. However, this cost may vary depending on where it is done.Ê

What is the cost to replace a tie rod end in Isuzu rodeo?

The estimated cost to replace one inner tie rod end on a 2003 Isuzu Rodeo is between $121 and $227 including parts and labor. The estimated cost to replace one outer tie rod end is $118 to $205.

How much does it cost to repair tie rod on a 1999 dodge caravan?

If you mean the tie rod end, it takes about an hour to replace and adjust. The part costs around $50.

How much will it cost to replace subaru legacy inner tie rods?

how much will a inner tie rod cost with an allingment about? Subaru Legacy 1998. And does this affect the way your car drives?

How long does it take to replace a tie rod in a buick?

The time it takes to replace a tie rod in a Buick varies with the age of the vehicle and whether this is an inner or outer tie rod. Estimated replacement time is 1 to 3 hours with a cost of about 230 dollars depending on the area and model.

Can a bad tie rod cause your wheel to be crooked?

Yes, replace tie rod and have the car realigned.

How much does it cost to change inner tie rod?

Varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle.

How do you replace the outer tie rods on a Mitsubishi 3000GT?

Remove the tie rod nut. Pop tie rod out of the hole in spindle. Unscrew tie rod from steering box. Install new tie rod in reverse order. Have front end aligned.

Cost on fixing tie rod on 2005 kia Rio?

Tie rods for a 2005 Kia Rio cost about $54 each. To get the tie rod fixed at a mechanic's shop will cost at least $200.

What would it cost to replace a broken tie rod on a Toyota Camry?

more or less 5,000 pesos including labor!

How much does it cost to repair 1999 Nissan Altima Tie Rod?

It can cost between $70 and $150 to repair the 1999 Nissan Altima Tie Rod. It will vary based on where the parts are bought and who makes the repair.

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