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How much does it cost to replace wheel bearings on a 1998 Saturn?


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2006-02-26 15:45:45
2006-02-26 15:45:45

Depends on the shop, but it's definitely not a DIY job. Call around.


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The bearings are an integrel part of each wheel hub. You are looking at big bucks to put in new ones. The brake sensors are also part of the hub; when the sensor fails you must replace the hub and bearing too.

need a step through on how to change the front wheel bearings on a 98 cavalier. Have 225,000 miles what else should I look for while in there?

what is the torque on front wheel bearings for 1998 honda accord

must remove knuckle from front and press out old bearing and press in new one cheers!!!

The brake sensor is built into the wheel bearing. The whole unit has to be replaced. It is best to replace both bearings. Left wheel and right wheel ---- 1998 models have the sensors as a separate component - See "Related Questions" below for more

Call your local auto parts store. Front wheel bearings can go from $50 to $200 (plus labor) depending on manufacture.

youll most likely have to buy the whole hub assembly. I had to do that to my 94 dodge dakota.

The lugs are pressed into the wheel hub - and on the Windstar, the hub also includes the wheel bearings.See "Related Questions" below for specific information on replacing Windstar wheel bearings.

Both the front and rear bearings on a 1998 Cavalier are contained in the hub assembly. The rear hub is attached with four bolts, and the front with three.

use new pads and shims, repack wheel bearings and replace grease seals, set factory bearing tension, and resurface/replace rotors.

Yes they are. A hydraulic press is required for removing them.

You will need to take the front spindle off and take it to a shop that can press your old bearings off and new ones on.

Look for wiring running out to the front wheel bearings. If there are speed sensors at the front wheels, then you have 4 wheel abs.

I got the outer bearing and having problems removing the inner?

One, and it is located in front of the left rear wheel.

2 wheel or 4 wheel drive makes a big difference. video by richpin

Check related links below for drum brakes.

1100 at the dealer. expect 800 at a local mechanic

Need to know if 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive for the front. Either way, there is no nut on the back axles.

Remove the positive cable from your 1998 Saturn battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

Do you mean the front wheel bearings??, if so.. you need to take the wheel off take the rotor, caliper/hanger and caliper all off.. crack the bottom ball joint pry the strut around.. there are 4 bolts u need to take out. they are holding the wheel bearing in place.. and then the bearing should come out.. it wont fall out you may have to pry on it to get it out it might be a little rusted in there Hope that helped...

The front bearings on Dodge Rams after 1998 are all sealed and non serviceable. If you have an older Ram with serviceable bearing, every 50000

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