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Q: How much energy is available to first level consumers?
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How much energy is available to the first second and third level consumers in the energy pyramid?

About 10% of energy

What percent of energy is available for consumers at trophic level?

1% because if 10% moves on to each level, and 10% was passed on to the first level consumers, 10% divided by 10% equals 0.01 which is equivalent to 1%, so 1% of the original energy used by plants is passed on to second level consumers. :)

Which tropic level in a community has the most energy available?

The trophic level of producers (photosynthetic organisms) has the most available energy in a biologic community. As a general (but not absolute) rule, every trophic level above this has 10% as much available energy as the level below it; primary consumers have 10% as much as producers, secondary consumers 1%, tertiary consumers .1%.

How much energy is available at each level of an energy pyramid?

The Producers get 1,000 kcal, the First-Level consumers get 100 kcal, Second-level consumers get 10 kcal and Third level gets 1 kcal.

Which trophic level receives the least amount of available energy Tertiary consumers Secondary consumers Primary consumers Producers?

tertiary consumers

What percent of energy from one level of the energy pyramid is available for organisms at the next level?

The next level is heterotrophs that consume the autotrophs and are the primary consumers. Generally, 10% of the energy is based from one level to the next.

Which organisms are first-level consumers?

a organism that collects or gathers energy from a producer

Which organisms are first level consumers?

a organism that collects or gathers energy from a producer

First level consumers are called?

first level consumers are called primary consumers or herbivores

Who are first-level consumers and second-level consumers and third-level consumers?

What level consumer is a jaguar

Are monkeys third level consumers?

First level consumers ?

How do producers transfer their energy to first-level consumers?

They get eaten by first level consumers otherwise known as herbivores. The herbivores have digestive systems capable of using/digesting the sugars polymers in the plant's tissues.