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How much for a 98 neon radiator and head gasket?


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January 28, 2011 3:00AM

A head gasket runs about $70 CDN, you'll also need intake and exhaust manifold gaskets (around $30 each CDN) and its generally good policy to do the valve cover gasket $40 CDN. the kicker is the labour, 6 hours @ $80 CDN=$480 + tax Ouch! if you can do it yourself Give'er if not you may want to look for a cash for clunkers deal. The job can be done in 8 hours if you have a hoist, 6 if you have access to a PROPER shop (not buddie's garage) also if it is a SOHC you can probably get a used engine for a decent price. check out Neon Canada's website join and check the for sale forums.