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Chevrolet did not build the 283 in 1968. The 1967 Chevy 283 had from 195-315 hp depending on how it was set up.

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Q: How much horsepower does Chevy 1968 283 small block have?
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Will a 1968 big block Chevy oil pump fit on a 1968 small block Chevy?

Yes it can, you will also need the big block pickup tube

What are the torque specs for a 1968 small block Chevy cylinder head?

65 ft lbs

What degree timing mark FOR 1968 327 small block Chevy set?

4, to 8 degrees.

Did a 1968 Chevy c10 come with a 350?

yes it did, i have a 68 small-block 350 2 barrel carburetor

Can you put a 327 from a 1968 Camaro into a 1995 Chevy S 10?

Yes you can. They sell kits to help you stuff a small block Chevy into your S10.

What is the correct timing for a 1968 Chevy small block?

18436572 clockwise drivers side from front is 1357 and pass side is 2468

What does a stp s8873 oil filter fit?

It fit a 1968 to 1992 chevy small block.... Do NOT put it on a LT1

Where can you find valve covers for 1955 Chevy 350 heads?

The 350 engine was introduced in 1968. A 1955 small block would be a 265 or 283.

Can you put a 327 from a 1968 Camaro into a 1995 Chevy S-10?

sure you can, call summit racing as they make a special kit to mount a small block Chevy in the S-10.

Is the 400 in a 1968 Bonneville a small block 400?

No there is no "big" or "small" block Pontiacs. The terms "small" and "big" block are Chevy & ford terms. Pontiac blocks were thesame physical size from the 1955 287 right through the last 400 cast in 1978. All blocks had a bore centerline of 4.62 inches, which puts them right between the small block Chevy (4.40 inches) and the big block Chevy (4.84 inches). There were short deck versions built- the 1969-1970 303 race engine (about 25 made), and the production 265,301 built from 1977-1981. ALL 287,316,326,350,347,370,389,400,421,428,455 engines are the same exterior block dimensions.

Will a big block Chevy distributor fit a small block Chevy?

NO. Depends on the year. On the pre-fuel injected motors, all Chevy V-8 engines used the same distributor. Use some common sense, a 1968 distributor is not the same as a 1980, but you get the idea. Use one from the same era as your vehicle.

How much horsepower does a stock 1968 Chevy Camaro 327 have?

210 horse power with a 2 bbl carb

Where is the oil pressure switch location on a 1968 327 Chevy small block?

right behind the distributor cap and in front of the firewall if you climb uder and look up you can see it

What is the ignition timing for a 1968 Chevy 396 big block?

6 degrees advanced, or BTDC.

What year is a 350 Chevy engine with casting number 8970010?

That block was used from 1968 through1985.

How do you tell if a 1968 corvette came from the factory with a big block?

Big block vettes had a rear sway bar. Small block did not.

Did the 1969 Chevy C 10 pickup come with a big block motor?

There was a 396 available in all Chevy trucks from 1968 - 1970.

How much horsepower 1968 corvette 327 block 3892657?

300HP with the base L75 327ci V8 and 350HP with the optional L79 327ci V8 (these are gross horsepower ratings because they didn't switch to net horsepower ratings until 1972).

Did the 67 comaro have a 350 engine?

The most popular small block engine in the 1967 camaro was the 300 horsepower 327. I'm told that some late 1967 and early 1968's had a 350 but I have never seen one as original equipment.

Horsepower for 6 cylinder 1968 for mustang?

The 1968 Ford Mustang 6 cylinder produced 195 horsepower ========================================================= In a 1968 Ford Mustang , the 200 cubic inch inline ( straight ) 6 cylinder engine was rated at ( 120 horsepower )

Where is the dipstick location on a 1968 Chevy 350?

It sits in a tube sticking out of the left side of the block between #5 & #7 cylinders.

What gm small block has a number VO327YS stamped on the front of it and it also has a casting?

1966 or 1968 327.

How much horsepower does a 1968 pontias firebird with edelbrock 600 and turbo 400 tranny have?

We would have to have alot more information. You are probably in the 350hp range if you have a 400 block.

What oil weight do you usr for a 1968 396 big block Chevy?

SAE 10w30 unless the engine is worn which in that case uses SAE 10w40.

How do you change the fuel pump in a 327 Chevy Small block Think it is 1968?

it is located on right front of block. First remove your fuel lines, the remove the retaining bolts holding it on the pin will slide out after the pump. coate the pin with grease and reinstall in its hole(grease will hold it for you so you can get the pump in) the install pump and lines