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Q: How much in GBP would you have to exchange for Maltese currency for a weeks holiday in Malta?
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What was the previous currency of Malta before euro - dirham or lira?

Maltese lira was the official currency of Maltabefore the Euro.

What currency did Malta use before Euro?

It was the Lr ( Lira Maltijja )Maltese Liri

Where is Maltese spoken?

MaltaMalta, and maybe some other Maltese emigrants who still speak their native language even though they do not live in Malta.

Where did the Maltese come from?

the Maltese originated in Malta

What is the Maltese name for Malta?

Malta. ( its the same)

What animals originated from Malta?

The Filfola Lizard, Maltese Ruby Tiger Moth, Maltese freshwater crabs, and Maltese honeybees are native to Malta.

Is Malta a republic?

Yes... Malta is officially the Republic of Malta (in Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta)

What is the proper adjective for Malta?

The proper adjective for Malta would be Maltan or Maltese, as in Maltan culture or the Maltese language.

What do you call someone from Malta?

Someone who is from Malta is called Maltese.

What are people from Malta called?

Maltese (English) Maltin (Maltese Language)

Are there a lot of Maltese dogs in Malta?

If they are born there (or are naturalized citizens) they are Maltese.

What languages are spoken in Malta?

The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English. However, Italian is typically spoken as well.Maltese, a Semitic-based language with a large quantity of Romantic insertions, and written in Latin alphabet.In Malta they speak the Maltese language, which is basically an Arabic dialect most closely related to Tunisian Arabic. It has however been heavily influenced by Italian and English, and only the core vocabulary is purely Arabic. If you see a page of Maltese, it looks like misspelt Italian with some English and some Arabic words.maltese (official) and english (official)Maltese and EnglishMaltese and English are the official languages of MaltaMaltese languageMalteseMaltese is the main language but most of the population speak some EnglishThey speak the language Maltese and in Malta it is called 'il-Malti'MalteseIt's Maltese.Yes English is the second language of Malta. Most of people can speak fluent Italian as well.Maltese Italian English.Maltese and English are the two main languages in Malta.Maltese People Speak Maltese (a.k.a Malti) & English, most of the people there know some Italian and French.

What is someone from Malta called?


What do you call a person from Malta?


Where did the Maltese dog come from?


What is the official landuage of Malta?


Where does the Maltese dog originate?


Where did Maltese dogs originate?


What langugage is used in Malta?

Maltese and English.

Who built the Maltese temples?

It is the Malta people

Where can you buy Maltese cross flag?


What does pink mean in Malta?

roża in Maltese

Where to buy a cheap healthy Maltese?


What are people called from Malta?

they are known as Maltese.

What is the name of Malta citizens?

Citizens of Malta are called Maltese or in the native language Maltin.