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How much is a Google?


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One googol (note the spelling) is the number represented by writing 1 with (one hundred) 100 zeros after it.

"Google", on the other hand, is not a number, but a search engine, an online library, video collection, photo album, and more.


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no google is much better

They use way to much energy, but what would we do with out google. :)

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Google Plus (A Google Product) is free to join!

All of it was sold to Google.

google is a 1 with 100 zeros behind it. or 1100

Google glasses are $250 to $600.

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If you mean the number google, then it is a 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Currently, Google glasses are selling at the price of $1500.

A google is a 1 with a hundred zeroes after it. A googleplex is a one with a google zeroes after it.

Google is a company, and their finances are generally private, so if one is really interested in how much cash Google has on hand, one would have to contact them directly. For their net worth, Google is worth billions of dollars.

On the main Google website, there is a link on the bottom of the page about the history of Google. It explains their business tactics and their current programs and ventures.

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The Google Nexus 5 comes with 2GB of RAM.

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