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Nickel blank planchets can be found on eBay all the time selling for a couple dollars apiece. About the same price as a blank Buffalo Nickel ;>)

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Q: How much is a blank Jefferson nickel worth?
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How much is a blank nickel worth?

Average value of a nickel planchet is $3.00-$5.00.

How much is a 1939 nickel or a 1945 nickel worth?

A 1939 Jefferson Nickel in rough condition is worth $0.50 and in perfect condition can be up to $5.50.

Why is Jefferson nickel worth so much?

Because he is fat

How much is a 1979 Jefferson half dollar worth?

A Jefferson half dollar would be a real find, because Jefferson is on the nickel and JFK is on the half dollar. Regardless, a 1979 nickel is worth 5¢ and a 1979 half is worth exactly 10 times as much.

How much is the nickel with the boat on the back worth?

A 2004 Jefferson nickel is still 5 cents. Millions are in circulation.

How much is a 1940s buffalo nickel worth?

...No such coin exists. The last buffalo nickel was minted in 1937, in 1938 the Jefferson nickel started being produced.

Why is a 1982 p Jefferson nickel worth so much?

There were nearly 300 million 1982-P Jefferson nickels minted. One is worth 5 cents.

How much is a 2004 gold plated Jefferson nickel worth?

A 2004 nickel is worth 5 cents. A gold-plated '04 nickel is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. There is no standard market value for modified coins like that.

How much is a 1939 D Jefferson nickel worth?

About 7 cents. They are common and can be found in circulation.

How much is a Lincoln steel cent and a silver Jefferson nickel worth?

The Lincoln cent 5 to 10 cents, the Jefferson about $1.00 for the silver.

How much is a 1971 nickel in good condition worth?

It's a common date Jefferson nickel, millions are still in circulation so just spend it.

How much is a 1954 Jefferson nickel worth with no D?

1954 is not a rare date for Jefferson nickels. It has little or no added value in circulated condition. A nice uncirculated one is worth about $1.00

How much is a 1959 uncirculated Jefferson nickel worth?

Maybe 30 cents. It's not a rare coin.

How much is a Jefferson nickel worth with a p mint mark?

The value of a Jefferson nickel with a p mint mark will vary depending on the year and the condition of the coin itself. A person should have the coin appraised for an accurate value.

How much is a 2007 Jefferson nickel worth?

It's a common coin still in circulation and only face value.

How much is a 2010 Jefferson nickel worth?

It's a common coin still in circulation and only face value.

How much is a liberty 2006 minted p nickel worth?

It's called a Jefferson nickel. Liberty nickels were minted from 1883 to 1912. And 2006 is an extremely common date for Jefferson nickels. You should be able to find others in change with no difficulty, and they're only worth face value.

How much is a 1953 D nickel worth?

This is a very common Jefferson nickel that's still found in circulation. Unless it's uncirculated, it's only face value.

How much is a 1940 liberty nickel?

Liberty Nickels were made from 1883-1912, a Jefferson nickel dated 1940 is still found in circulation, a uncirculated coin may be worth 50 cents.

How much is a 2005 nickel worth with a buffalo on one side and a president Bush on the other?

Thomas Jefferson is on the nickel, not George Bush. A 2005 nickel is still only worth 5 cents. If it in fact does have George Bush on it, then it's some kind of novelty done by someone other than the US Mint, and is worth as much as someone is willing to pay.

How much si a1989 nickel worth?

It is worth a nickel

How much is a 1942 s Jefferson nickel worth?

The value just for the silver is about $1.10, better circulated coins can be $4.00-$6.00.

How much is a 1903 V' nickel worth today?

How much is a buffallo nickel worth

How much is a 1904 V- nickel worth?

How much is a 1904 victorian nickel worth?

What is a 1964 nickel that has a copper Jefferson head worth?

A regular 1964 nickel is still worth 5 cents. One that's been modified like that loses all numismatic value, so it's only worth as much as someone is willing to pay.