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How much is a window motor and strut for a 97 Chevy Cavalier z24?


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2006-09-23 15:04:47
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Usually about $40-50

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There is one on the front passenger side and a torque strut on the front. The torque strut acts like a motor mount.

it should be on the back of the motor at least it is for my cavalier 96 Here is a much better explan. Passenger side next to the coolant bottle and Driver side between transmission housing and body rail. The only thing that is left is the Torque Strut underneath the engine next to the crankshaft pully.

Begin by compressing the strut spring with a spring compressor. Be very careful as the strut spring will be under hundreds of pounds of pressure. Remove the strut retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new struts.

One on passenger side by the coolant overflow tank. A strut style mount on the bottom passenger side next to wheelwell. A transmission mount is located inside the wheelwell on the drivers side.

To change the front strut it is not hard at all. Simply remove the tire, remove the break, remove the bottom bolts from the strut. Then remove the top bolt from the strut. Usually takes about 20-40 minutes to remove. Replacing is very simple as well. However, the front strut replacement will require a front-end alignment to be completed.

Make darn sure it isn't the tire first. Take the strut off, and have the bearing pressed.

It is as simple as removong 2 bolts and replacing the mount. Goodluck, JOe

4 engine mounts. front right, front center, torch strut that supports the radiador, & transmission mount

The?ætorque strut mounts help keep the engine and the transmission in place and reduce vibration. There are?ætwo visible bolts that connect the strut to the car structure. Unscrew the nuts and use a hammer to get them off.

There are 4 struts, They are not shocks.. They are called "coil over's". Meaning coil spring over strut. You will need a coil spring compressor to replace them yourself. Rent one at autozone.

No, it needs to be the correct strut. If it is too long or too strong you would easily break the window glass. Any auto part store can get the proper strut.

I have a 2000 cavalier automatic and my motor and tranny are doing the same thing, try replacing your transmission mount and your torque strut motor mount. also check to see if you have the correct amount of fluid in your transmission... if neither of that hepls, then you probably have to replace your transaxle or torque converter. it could be so many things a really couldn't tell you exactly where to start..

It should be on a bracket behind right rear strut tower. Open hood-standing in front of car-look at the left rear corner you will see the top of the strut and the relay should be on the left corner rear of fender. There may be another relay next to it also(AC compressor relay)

There are no rear struts in the Chevy Beretta. Only shocks.

The blower motor is under the hood near the passenger side strut tower. To replace it: 1. Unplug the electrical connections. 2. Remove the screws that hold the motor in place. 3. You may need to move the alternator out of the way to get clearance to pull the blower motor out of the heater vent. Reverse the process to install a new blower motor.

a 96 cavilear takes R-134A refridgerant, and It goes in the low side of the refridgerant loop wich is up by the passenger side strut top.

There should be a sticker under the hood that identifies the engine, it might be on the strut tower, or on the hood itself.

The rear strut bearings are failing causing clunks and creaks (fronts do the same thing). With that many miles, change the bearings and the strut.

Strut bushing wore if it doesn't do it on a smooth road. Clunks on a rough road only. Fixed mine

The blower motor resistor is over the passenger side strut tower, under the hood.

The fuel lines come up the fire wall a ways, depending if it's a 2.2 l or a 2.4l(z-24),then in close proximity to the left(driver's) side strut tower and then directly to the fuel rail.

Remove the two bolts that hold it in place, pull out the old strut and put in the new one, put the bolts back in place and tighten the nuts. The engine is not supported by the strut, the strut keeps the engine from rocking on its mounts. If the strut does seem to be supporting the engine then the motor mounts should be inspected first and any that are worn out should be replaced .

You've got 4 mounts total. A transmission mount, then on the other side of the motor, you've got a mount that goes to the middle of the engine that is in the fender, and upper torque strut and a lower torque strut on that same side.

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