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How much is the transmission capacity for a 2001 Chevy 2500 HD?


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2006-12-26 23:39:35
2006-12-26 23:39:35

12-15 litres assuming its an automatic


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the towing capacity is up to 9,760 lbs on the 2500

That would be the 4L80E transmission.

The 2001 Chevrolet S 10 4.3 liter six-cylinder engine has a towing capacity of 2500 pounds. The pickup truck hits a tongue weight of 550 pounds.

10,000 lbs for 6.0 L engine 12,000 lbs for the 8.1 L engine

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What size transmission do a 2500 with a 8 lug transmission no reverse won't work in the transmission

I'm sure that was the 4L80E transmission.

It is a 4L85E transmission. The 4L85E is GM built, not allison, 4 speed automatic transmission.

Total transmission fluid capacity on a 1995 Ram 2500 is about 12 quarts.

That would be the 4L80E transmission.

Depending on the exact type of 2500 (crew cab , hd ,and so on) about 15000 lb.

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Yes it does. All 2500 trucks that year have the 4L80E in them. The 1/2 tons have the 4L60E in them.

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