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How much money does a nuclear chemist earn?

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2009-03-01 14:35:02

It depends, if you're talking about an ELT in the Navy, depends

on their paygrade, the avg beginning ELT(as an E-5) will make ~

2000 a month base pay, plus any additional entitlements for

location, substanence, dependants, time in, re-enlistment bonuses,

etc etc. I don't know up from there, it's about an additional 100

from e-3 to e-4 to e-5 to e-6 (E-4 base pay is ~1900/month)from

there after chief I'm not sure but I think it's a [non]fair amount.

Civilians chemists I'm sure would make much better on account of

competativeness According to NEI website, the median salary for a

Chemistry Specialist is 70,990.

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