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How much money does a physician earn?

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2009-06-04 06:34:21

Depends on what specialty a physician is trained in, where he is

practicing, other benefits he may be receiving in his contract that

is not included in his base pay, bonuses, overtime, and the number

of overnight shifts he works.

The range is huge from about $83k - $1million+ depending on the

above factors. Pediatricians, internists, family physicians,

primary care physicians, and urgent care physicians who work for a

salary for a company or hospital earn in the lower end of the

range. However, they can also end up on the upper end of the range

if they open up a successful private practice.

Plastic surgeons, orthopaedists, interventional cardiologists,

and interventional radiologists start out on the higher end of the

range at the expense of proportionally increased number of hours

worked. However they also have the choice to work less and have a

better lifestyle with pay in the moderate end of the range.

Thus, a physician really decides how much he makes depending on

what kind of life style he chooses, how many hours he wants to

work, and the additional factors listed on top.

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