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According to a recent survey by The American Society of Radiologic Technologists, the national median salary for x-ray technicians exceeds $58,000 annually. I work in NYC and make 36/hr. The more you know i.e M.R.I , C.T and the more years you are a tech the more you make. Expect to make around 27/hr right out of school.

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Q: How much money does an x-ray technician earn?
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How much does an xray technician earn?

roughly £234567890.99

What is a xray techinician?

An xray technician is commonly referred to as a radtech or radiation technician in a medical setting.

What degrees can you earn at radiology technician schools?

At radiology technician schools you can earn various associate and bachelors degree. It will depend on the school you chose to exactly what degree you can earn. You can earn degrees to perform ultra sounds, xrays, or read xray reports.

How much money do xray techs earn in FL?

it would depend. if your a perfessional you earn more than begginer. it also depends on what the cost they make amd on the company

What does an xray technician do?

take xrays

What is careers start with V or X?

Veterinarian and Xray Technician.

What is a career that starts with X?

Xylophone repairman. Xray Technician

What options are available for someone looking for an xray technician job?

The options that are available for someone looking for an xray technician job is to start looking in the careerbuilder website and in the college career center.

How much schooling do you need to become an xray technician?

To become a X-ray technician, you need a 2 year Associate Degree or a 4 year Bachelor Degree. It is also preferred if you are professionally certified. You can find more detail information on this website

Where can I find xray technician jobs?

You could try at Christie clinic. Maybe carle.

How much the price of normal chest x-ray equipment?

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How long does a x-ray technician have to wait to re-enter the room after an exposure?

Right after xray

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