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In Pennsylvania, the Father would have to pay around $460.00 a month, if working a minimum wage job. Which would make that $5,520.00 a year.

2007-04-18 01:34:11
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Q: How much money would a father have to pay for child support in Pennsylvania over the span of one year while working a minimum wage job?
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Can you get child support if the father is not working?

Each state has it's own guidelines and laws regarding child support, but in most states as long as the absent parent is capable of working a minimum wage job, ( not disabled) they will be assessed with a minimum wage order and be required to pay a minimal support order.

Can you still get child support from the father if you are not working?

If you are not working, then presumably you and your children are even more in need of support than you would be if you were working. In any event, your employment or unemployment has no bearing on the responsibility of a father to support his children.

Does a father have to pay child support if he's not working?


What can you do if the father in a child support order is working as a server and claims minimum wage even though he makes much more?

Depends on wether or not you can prove he makes more than he claims.

In Pennsylvania does your husbands income determine child support?

If your husband is not the child's father, it might depending on the situation.If your husband is the child's father, then yes.

Will you still get child support payment if the father is on welfare?

Child support is calculated based on income of the father (or mother in such a case). If the father is unemployed his child support will still be calculated based on whatever minimum wage is in your state. The only time this does not apply is when the father is on disability. Welfare shouldn't matter.

Does the father have to pay child support if the mother gets medical coupons for the child?

The father is responsible for paying at least the state mandated minimum in support regardless of what type of income or assistance the mother has. That is considered her portion of support, child support is yours.

IF Son is going to college does father continue to pay child support on PA?

Pennsylvania does not currently have that law.

Can you still get a child support check if the father isn't working?

You may if he has assets or income.

If a father is not working does he have to pay support?

He must notify the court of his situation and the court will decide.

Can a father in Pennsylvania get a reduction in the amount of child support he pays if he and his new wife have a new baby?

yes, yes he can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Pennsylvania is it mandatory for a child to have his or her father's last name if the parents are not married but the father is paying child support?


Is LeBron James father alive and where is he?

His father left him years ago and his mom raised him alone working multiple jobs to support him.

How can a judge determine how much father should pay child support if father is being paid in cash no taxes out and amounts change?

Assumed minimum wage

Does a father in Pennsylvania who is on disability have to pay child support?

He needs to get a modification to the amount mother is already receiving from SSD.see links

If the father is not working will the state pay his child support for him until he gets a job?

It's called Welfare.

How can a father pay child support if no job?

He needs to find a way to do it. The child needs to be fed and clothed whether the father is working or not. It isn't an 'option.'

Can you file a complaint for child support even if the father is still abroad working in a cruise ship?

Yes; contact your State's child support agency.

If a father signs over parental rights in Pennsylvania can child support stop?

Not usually. It would require the approval of a competent court and judge.

If a father in Texas has no job how can he pay child support?

He needs to find a way to do it. The child needs to be fed and clothed whether the father is working or not. It isn't an 'option.'

How much child support does father pay from his pension in Illinois?

The minimum guideline for one child is 20% of net income, including pension.

If father stops working and is supported by new wife what happens to child support for previous child to ex wife?

They continue to expect a check from the father. The child still needs to be supported and the support payments will continue to be legally required.

Can step father sue biological father for support even after order was vacated?

No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.

Does the grandmother has the right to put father on child support if they are still married and the nother is incarcerated?

Do you have guardianship? It sounds like (from your question) you are raising the child not the mother or father. If this is the case you need to file for guardianship which will then award you child support from both parents (regardless of whether or not they are incarcerated). If the mother is seeking support she can go to the state and they will impute his income (guess what his income would be if he were working) if he has no college education they will impute the income at the rate of 40 hours a week at minimum wage. The state will then do all of the legwork to have child support assigned and make sure he is served in prison

Can you get child support if the father is incarcerated?

Can you get child support inArkansasif their father is incarcerated