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You can lose 20 to 90 calories for the average copulatory transaction.

Think about this though:

  • If you ride a stationary bike for one hour, you burn approximately 110 calories.
  • An hour of Archery will burn about 207 calories.
  • An hour of Badminton burns about 266.
  • Baking will burn 148.
  • Slow ballroom dancing burns 177.
  • Shooting hoops for an hour will burn 266 (more interesting than badminton for some I guess).
  • Bowling, sans beer (but then what's the point?) burns 177 (might as well be ballroom dancing without the beer).
  • Canoeing, again sans beer, burns 177.
  • General carpentry will burn 207.
  • Carrying the average baby on level ground, also 207.

The list is endless, but consider this...

The average 30 year old male burns about 76 calories an hour sitting on the couch watching TV. At best sex is only a 14 calories sex improvement over being a couch potato.

What can be learned from this? You know you're going to drink a beer before or after sex, and during all the other activities above (well except for that baby carrying thing), so burn your calories in the most effective way. Go watch TV.

Oh, and you have to burn 3,500 calories to equal one pound of lost weight.

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Q: How much sex do you have to have before you lose a pound?
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