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The regulator is about $150.00 by itself, and labor about $200.00 if done by an independent shop. These figures would be at least double if done by the dealer.

If you do this job yourself, you can get the regulator for as little as $25.00 online. Took me about an hour apiece to do each window. First one is kind of tricky but after that, it's pretty easy.

ITs also going to depend if you need to drill out the rivets in the door.. Also food for thought its good time to check the widow motor take the cover off.. These internal "plastic roller bearings" are known for failure. Replace them with hardware from your tool box. The old trick is to put three nuts from a 1/4 inch bolt. They fit exactly in the spot.. and they will NOT fail like the plastic bearings that are factory.. The reason its important to check them is because if you install that window regulator (like i did) and the motor is bad its a royal pain to take everything out to replace the motor... and you cant replace the motor with out taking that regulator out.... You can get both parts off ebay...

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Q: How much should it cost to repair a power window in a 1993 Lincoln Town Car?
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