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How much should it cost to repair an emergency brake on a 1997 Toyota Tacoma?

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How do you change a timing belt on a 1998 Toyota Tacoma? And what part do I need to buy?

Your 2006 Toyota Tacoma has a chain and not a belt. No maintenance is required.

It should be in the owners manual

Toyota Tacoma parts have not yet been called back, which is a very good sign. So you should not worry if you believe that one of your parts should have been called back by Toyota.

You should check your Toyota Tacoma's owners manual. There should be a diagram for the location of your thermostat.

1990 tacoma 2.4L engine what should the spark plug gap be?

Most newer Tacoma have a belt tensioner and it should be tight all the time, if its not you may need to replace the tensioner.

The OBDII on a Toyota Tacoma 1998 is located on the driver side under the console right above the gas pedal... I should know I own a Tacoma 1998.

The spark plug gap for a 1995 Toyota Tacoma truck should be set at .8 mm or 0.031 inches. This plug may be purchased preset from the factory.

A 1996 Toyota Tacoma 4-cylinder is able to use 5w20 weight oil. When the oil is changed, the oil filter should be changed as well.

It is on the side of the throttle body should be on the back side.

This is a blown brake fuse check your break fuse and should fix it.

a manual will help with diagnosis and repair, and a shop manual should be available at the local library in the reference section, make copies of the right pages, good luck...:)

The Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks have been recalled, but only certain models. These models include model years 2005 through 2010. You should check with your local Toyota dealership for more information if you have one of these model years.

For the 4.0L, it should be 6500lbs with the Automatic transmission.

This should help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adjusting a parking brake cable on a 2003 Toyota Avalon is considered a major repair. The repair should not be done by a person with no prior experience because if the repair is done wrong it can be dangerous. A repair book for the vehicle should instruct the process.

It should last at least 100,000 miles or more but there is no guarantee.

It is usually under the dashboard on the driver's side, should be easy to find.

they should, all the older 6 lug toyota and nissan wheel fit each other.

about 45 mins to an hour from someone who knows what there doing... an hour to an hour and a half if its your first time.... 1996 Toyota tacoma is my first vehicle, im 20 and I changed the radiator by myself and it took me an hour.....

No, it has a timing chain which should last the life of the engine.

It has a timing chain that should last the life of the engine.

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