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How much should you charge for walking dogs in England?


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2007-05-05 19:44:26
2007-05-05 19:44:26

i usually charge £5 per every half hour, which is £10 an hour, but i knew some one who charged £7 per every half hour, which is £14 an hour. you could also charge more or less on the size of the dog, or how far the dogs are walked. which ever way, it's a lot of money!


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Well if you were gonna do it for 30 mins then you should charge 15$ but if you were doing it for 1 hour then you should charge 30$

i walk dogs and i charge $1 an hour $2 every two hours and so on

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i have a dog walking business and i charge $8 per walk and $2 extra for a longer walk.

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Suitable jobs for 10, 11 and 12 year olds. Babysitting for neighbours, family etc. Pulling weeds out of gardens of friends or family. Washing cars, walking dogs and you should get a little bit of money. I am going to start walking dogs so could you please tell me a good price for walking dogs ?

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it depends on how many dogs they're walking and for how long. also the size and strength of the dogs

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Phone a vet and you may get the answer or look in your yellow pages of your phone book under "Pets" and there will be lists for kennels, grooming, dog walking, etc. Phone one and ask what they charge. This will give you some idea of what to charge. If you aren't doing this as a permanent job, then I'd charge a little less. There is a lot of responsibility with dog walking and the owners are brutal if their pet comes back to them less than perfect. Good luck Marcy Answer i charge $4 per dog for 30 minutes and i have alot of walks so charge cheap and do alot of them then u will get the same amount as if you charge 20 bucks and only get 1 walk

I used to have my own business walking dogs, and so what I used to do was charge two dollars for a big-medium dog, and then one for a small dog. If you are going to walk them for thirty minutes, then I suggest charging the $2/big-medium or the $1/small as a base fee and then fifty cents - maybe? - for every thirty minutes.

With a few exceptions everywhere hires at sixteen. Try baby sitting, walking dogs, and etc...

You may walk as many dogs as possible.Though walking a lot of dogs once may be a problem.Many dogs are calm and you can walk a lot of calm dogs at once but if walking hypoactive dogs it is better to make a second trip.

Yes i think you should get payed for walking dogs especially if they go to the bathroom on some ones lawn and if there are more than 1!

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they get about 20-30 $ it depends who they are walking the dogs for

Any age can be a dog-walking job. You don't have to apply but you should make flyers and put them around your neighborhood for a dog-walking job and set prices! Good luck! Make sure that you are comfortable with dogs and the owner. Be careful.

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