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How much sodium should a person have daily?


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  • The American Heart Association recommends that adults who are healthy take in no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day.
  • My doctor also told me that an individual would get by fine with a minimum of 250 - 500 mg per day. The lower you can keep it the better!

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A lack of sodium is just as bad for a person as too much sodium. The body needs salt. I think you should keep it at around 2,000 mg a day.

It's recommended you don't have more than 2,300-2,400 milligrams of sodium daily.

A maximum of 1000 to 1500mg sodium daily in the diet.

Healthy adults should take in no more than 2300 milligrams of sodium a day.

The recommended intake if you have high blood pressure is 1500 mg per day.

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An adult should consume no more than 2,300-2,400mg each day.

HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?How Your Daily Sodium Intake Measures UpDaily sodium needed for basic physiological functions: scant 1/8 tsp = 250mg sodiumDaily sodium limit for seniors: 1/2 tsp salt = 1,200mg sodiumDaily sodium limit for adults: scant 1 tsp salt = 2,300mg sodiumDaily sodium the average American consumes: heaping 1 1/2 tsp = 4,000mg sodiumSOURCES: USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005; U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health and Nutrition Examination SurveyInformation taken from:: CNN.COM

The maximum recommended amount of daily sodium intake is 2,300 mg (approximately 1 tsp of salt).

The current recommendation for adequate daily sodium intake for 4- to 8-year-olds is 1.2 g/day; for older children the recommendation is 1.5 g/day.

25 g. of sugar daily, but over 75% of Americans take in over double that daily.

a person should work out at least 30 min to an hour. that does not include everyday walking.

You should eat 2 to 4 servings of fruit.

as much as ur body will take without dieing

At LEAST forty five minutes a day. But you should get more if you can.

The recommended daily intake of sodium chloride is now 2,5-5 g.

The recommended levels are 2300-2400 mgs, in some cases it varies person to person. You should get check up by your doctor to know the exact levels for you because high intake of sodium leads to health problems.

3 ounces of lamb contains 61 mg of sodium (2% of daily requirement.)

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