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It depends how much nail polish remover you have and hot hot it is outside. Nail polish remover is made out of acetone (mostly), and it is extremely volatile, which means it vaporises extremely easily. If the container is left open, it could easily evaporate quickly.

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How do you get nail polish out of dark clothing?

This is quite a tough thing to do-and sometimes it is unsuccessful-but I suggest putting a LITTLE BIT of nailpolish remover onto the spot and gently rubbing with a damp cloth [NOT PAPERTOWEL OR A COTTEN BALL]. After you do this, the spot should become faded-immediately wash the piece of clothing and repeat the process. I've done this with a black band shirt of mine and all the [white] nailpolish spots came out with no discoloration to my shirt. PS: DON'T OVERDO IT ON THE NAILPOLISH REMOVER-I KNOW YOU WANT THE SPOT OUT BUT TOO MUCH WILL JUST FURTHER DAMAGE YOUR SHIRT. good luck

What substance takes off crazy glue?

Not much. You can try nail polish remover, but it is of limited efficacy.

Can you get Crayola marker off wooden surfces?

If you have a sander or sand paper scrap it off or if you have graffitti remover you can get it off but takes much longer

How do you clean nailpolish stains from clothes?

Read the label on the clothing, look for the words acetate, triacetate, and modacrylic. If the clothing is made of any of these materials, scrape as much nail polish off as you can, that is the best you can do. If it is anything else, use nail polish remover and blot the fabric until the nail polish is removed.

How much water is in nail polish remover?

a pint

What if your fingernails are yellow after you wore a blue nailpolish What do you do?

they are just stained, it'll wear off in a couple of days. (don't use it again)Well my fingernails are yellow from using too much nailpolish, but I usually use light colors which doesn't cause as much stain as like dark blues, in your case. If you want to use it again, just put a basecoat on underneath, and that's exactly the basecoat's purpose, to prevent nailpolish from staining your nails. Now I wear the basecoat, and put more nailpolish on to hide the yellow until it grows out. Growing out could take a month

How does nail polish give you cancer?

Well there are ALOT of chemicals in nailpolish. There's this one that prevents your nails from chipping and it's really bad for you. If your worried about it, buy organic nail polish or just nailpolish without certain chemicals. Try not to breath it in to much, I love nailpolish and wear it like every week, but the kind I get has no bad chemicals. Check the ingrediants, it'll say. I honestly dont know the names cuz there long, look them up then watch the nailpolish you use. Hope this helps! :)

How much does one gallon of nail polish remover weigh?

A gallon.

How much does it cost to rent a sod remover?

About $100 a day at Home Depot.

What is graffiti remover made of?

Graffiti removal and Brick Cleaning in London is getting very common now. That remover must be a chemical we don't know much about as much the professionals know, all we know is it cleans the wall.

Do you die if e drink nail polish r nail polish remover?

well, it depends on how much is ingested and by who. and not to be rude, who would drink nail polish/remover? lol

How much alcohol is in nail polish remover?

in my bottle, it is the second ingredient, so a lot.

Why is it bad to soak your hands in nail polish remover?

Not all Nail Polish Remover is bad for your fingers or hands. Theres different kinds such as "strengthening or nourishing" Plus much, much, more. After you're done soaking your nails or hands in Nail Polish Remover be sure to put some lotion on your hands and fingers so your hands won't get dried out. :)

Is nail polish remover harmfull?

Nail polish remover is highly flammable, would not be good for one's digestive system if swallowed, and should not be inhaled very much. If used with care to remove nail polish, in a well ventilated location, nail polish remover should do no harm.

How much nail polish remover can you ingest without any harmful reactions?

read the bottle

How do you remove nail polish remover?

well, u can i guess just use a cotton/dry towel/tissue to wipe it off. While applying, it shouldn't leave too much nail polish remover unless u applied too much

Will nail polish remover take off white out?

Maybe, it depends on how much white out you put on your nails

Who much time takes From israel to Germany?

Who much time takes from Israil to germany

How do you treat scuffs on patent leather shoes?

Use nail polish remover - not too much. It will work instantly.

How much would it cost to fix your keyboard on your MacBook Pro if you spilled fingernail polish remover on it?

1000 pounds

How do you take sticky tack off of photos?

use finger polish remover just not to much or it will ruin the picture

What is the oven temperature for preheat oven?

It takes how much it takes

If matter and antimatter hit how big would the explosion be?

It depends how much. Less than a trillionth of a mg of antimatter could vaporise a human being. So, if you're talking about a lot of antimatter, we're talking about a MASSIVE explosion.

Can you use nail polish remover for pyrotechnics?

no. that's the dumbest question ive ever heard. its much too diluted

What removes hard nail polish from your nails?

nail polish remover girl dont use too much thou.