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There's not enough information in the question to provide a definite answer. It is like asking "How long does it take to get from point A to point B?" The answer depends on other factors i.e. How far is it and what is your average speed?

How much voltage is needed for a 100 watt light bulb? The answer depends on the design of the bulb. A 12 volt 100 watt bulb requires 12 volts to function at a power level of 100 watts. Likewise, a 120 volt 100 watt bulb requires 120 volts to function at 100 watts. As far as I know, that's about all the answer there is.

Obviously this person is talking about the 100watt light bulbs that you would find in any grocery store across the country. Those require 110 volts. That's what comes out of your wall socket. If you were to travel to Europe you would need a different bulb because they run 220volt electrical lines to their outlets. We measure the electricity running into our homes(or potential energy) by volts and amps. Watts are a measure energy used.

1watt = 1volt x 1amp.

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Q: How much voltage is needed for a 100 watt light bulb?
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How much voltage is needed to power a 100 light bulb?

A light bulb is not only rated in watts, it is rated in voltage also. The lamp has to be operated on the voltage specified by the manufacturer of the light bulb. Too high a voltage and the lamp life will be shortened. Too low a voltage and you will not obtain the full wattage of the lamp.

How much voltage is needed for a 25 watt light bulb for 30 seconds?

What ever the voltage that is stated on the lamp is the voltage that should be applied to it.

How much electricity will light up a light bulb?

The amount of power needed to light up a bulb is measured in watts and is marked on the bulb, along with the correct operating voltage. For example 240 v 20 watts.

Why is it that a 60 watt light bulb will not light when connected to a 1.5 volt battery?

The bulb need the correct voltage to operate. Your bulb would light if it is a 1.5 volt light. So the voltage of the supply and the light must be matched. Too little voltage won't light the light, too much will light it too much and blow it up.

A light bulb has a resistance of 5 ohms and a maximum current of 10 A. How much voltage can be applied before the bulb will break?


How much power is needed to power a light bulb in a simple circuit?

You answer is on the light bulb. Watts is the same as power.

How much power does a light bulb use if the current is 3 and the voltage is 7?


What will happen if a light bulb gets too much electricity?

If its an incandescent bulb the filament burns out; depending on the voltage put through the bulb (and the operating voltage of the bulb) the results can be quite spectacular. Normally the filament will burn out with a bright flash, if the voltage is high enough the bulb may explode.

How much volts will it take to light a light bulb?

50 Answer 2 Depends on what voltage the bulb was designed for. A 12 volt bulb in a car headlamp needs 12 volts.

What part of a light bulb has the most resistance?

the actual filament itself in a light bulb has the most resistance,this is why it glows and produces light,the rest of the bulb is sufficiently engineered to carry the voltage and current applied to it without producing too much heat.

Plug 120V light bulb in 240V socket?

The result is depend on the capacity and the type of the bulb, if the bulb is made of the material which have the high melting point and it have the high resistance then the bulb will light and if the bulb can't afford the voltage means the resistance of is not to much high or the area of the filament is thin then the bulb will light for 1 or 2 sec after that the filament will break and the bulb will not be able to light again.

How much volage does a light bulb use?

it varys from light bulb to light bulb.

If a current flowing through a light bulb is 0.75 ampers and the voltage difference across the light bulb is 210 volts how much resistance does the light bulb have?

simple ohms law calculation R= V/I, R= 210/.75 = 280 ohms

How much energy will be lost in a 60 watt light bulb?

Assuming the bulb is connected to the proper voltage, all 60 watts of energy are "lost" in a light bulb, mostly converted to heat and a small amount as visible light. If you meant how much energy is used to create a 60 watt bulb, that's completely different.

What is the power rating of light bulb?

The power rating of the bulb indicates how much power it uses. The power in watts indicates how much energy in Joules the bulb uses in one second. A bulb should have its voltage and power printed on it.

How much voltage required for buib?

Actually the range of the voltage required for the bulb is depends on type of the bulb. Hence the range is mentioned on the pack of the light. It may be 30v, 60v,120v. In order to avoid voltage fluctuations place a adapter to the bulb. Vocca adapters are available in the market. They can reduce the voltage fluctuations. And also vocca adapters are voice activated adapters.

How much energy is used each second of a 100w light bulb operating voltage of 120w?

100 Watts means 100 Joules/second. The voltage is not required for this calculation.

How much cost a 1900 light bulb?

the cost of a light bulb in 1900

How much energy is needed to run 60-watt light bulb for three seconds?

180 watt-seconds.

How much current flows in 4 parallel 100w bulbs?

The circuit voltage or the resistance of the individual bulb is needed to answer this question. Divide the total power (400 W) by the supply voltage.

How much electricity does a light bulb use?

The quantity of power consumed by a light bulb is dependant on the wattage of the bulb.

How much current flows through a burning 75 w light bulb when operating voltage is 120v?

It's 75/120 and the answer is in amps.

How much voltage a 0v bulb need to glow?

Some small voltage above 0.

If a incandescent lamp is connected to a 12-v lantern battery if the current flow is 8.5mA how much?

How much what? Power? 102mW (0.102W). How much light? A filament bulb produces 1 to 3 percent of the power input as light if the proper voltage is applied. If the lamp is rated for a higher voltage, it won't get hot enough and the light out will be a lot less.

Does connecting two wires to a battery and a light bulb make the light bulb light up?

Only if the voltage is correct. If you connect a 110V lamp to a 12 V battery, you won't see much. When you connect a 1,5V lamp to a 12V battery, it will burn out.