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How much water is 8 oz?

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8 oz is 0.25 liter water.

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There is 8 ounces of water.

8 oz of water is 236.588mL

your supposed to drink 64 oz of water everyday. (eight 8 oz of water) 8x8=64

there are 237ml of water in 8 oz of water Saya

8 oz is 0.2365882 liters. 8 liters is 270.5122 oz.

There are 8 oz. of water in one cup.Therefore , there are 5/8 or .625 oz. of water in one cup.

About 33.8 fluid ounces per liter.

140 ounces of water is 17 1/2 - 8 oz glasses.

it is 12 fl oz oz water

8 oz. is equivalent to one cup.

6-8 oz a day is enough. Too much water can cause water intoxication.

Approximately 4.2 8-oz glasses.

8 fluid oz is 236.6 (236.588) mL

Lizards need about 8 oz. a day.......their, I said it!

The usual measurement is 8 oz per glass, which comes out to 64 oz of water.

If you are using ounces, it is 1 oz cartpet shampoo and 8 oz water.

Cotton absorbs 224 milliliters of water ( 225 mL is 8 fl oz)

6 eight oz glasses of water

4.225 8-ounce glasses of water (4.225 x 8 = 33.8)

You need 8 oz of water a day to stay healthy.

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