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If you want to loose weight your idea of exercise is nice. You should check with your doctor before following a regime such as you indicate.They can advise you of precautions, maintenance diets, blood pressure concerns etc.

Although what would be really great is if you jogged for an hour or two in the morning. Bring a full bottle of water and take a few sips hear and there but finish the bottle through the jog, or drink something that is called super-greens.

Then when you get home have a nice bowl of cereal with a piece of fruit. Follow with a bottle of water continuing drinking water and/or super-greens through the day. It will help you to loose weight. For lunch have a balanced meal a small meat, and a veggie. But small.

Then eat a nice dinner with some meat (the first of your day), some veggies and a carb. When your food has been digested go for a 1-2 hour jog again.

Also if you really want to get fit do some sit-ups in the middle of the day and jog with your knees high and arms to your chest, pace yourself is the key.

Another tip for loosing weight is taking naps in the afternoon.

Studies have shown that any activity (sleep, sex, and household chores) can help you to loose weight. I guarantee if you do this you'll feel energized and loose a considerable amount of pounds.

Not eating anything is not a good idea as the body tends to eat into its stored reserves in muscles before it starts to get into fat consumption.

Answer (a few precautions): It is rather strange that many people want to achieve weight weight losses at rates that can only be realized by having a Bengal tiger eat your legs for supper! Most medically based sources (not diet companies) indicate an acceptable rate of below a kg/wk. The highest rate found was 1% of initial body weight/week.

The big secret is to not kill yourself on the route to health - your body is set up to handle the you that you are now - a lighter you will have less needs and demands and will have to shed a lot of nasties presently contained in your body fat on route to a lower weight.

A lesser secret is to make changes that you can live with over time, learning the correct way of eating comes with time until you do it as a natural thing. Most sources indicate that the "throw yourself over a cliff" type of dieting gets your weight down quick, but you bounce back up just as quick - sometimes with the collateral damage of gall stones etc.

First lets state the obvious if you don't eat for 2 months you will die! Secondly, the idea of walking for 5 hours a day is completely unreasonable Even if this question was worded with reality in mind it. I.E. How much weight can you lose by eating healthy and walking an hour everyday. It would be different for every person in the world, weight loss is based on many things including but not limited to metabolism, heredity, will, starting weight, life circumstances age, sex, ect.

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Q: How much weight can you lose by walking 5 hours a day and not eating anything for 2 months?
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Will eating tuna and walking help you lose 50 pounds in 3 months?

Tuna packed in water is a nutritious food and walking is excellent exercise. However, a goal to lose 50 pounds in 3 months is not considered a healthy weight loss pace.

Can eating late make you gain weight?

Eating anything at any time can make you gain weight.

How do you lose weight mostly?

By not eating anything.

Does not eating anything make you gain weight?


Will you gain weight for eating to much healthy food?

eating anything obsessively will cause you to gain weight. atleast that's what i was told.

Can you gain weight overnight without eating or drinking anything?


How much weight can I lose if i quit eating for 2 months?

all the weight since you are going to die

How much weight can you lose by not eating for two months?

If you don't eat for two months straight, you'll die.

How much weight will you lose walking two hour on treadmill thirty days?

The amount of weight you will lose walking 2 hours on a treadmill for thirty days can vary. It depends on your height, current weight, as well as your eating habits.

How does an 11 year old girl lose weight?

She looses weight by working out (walking, running) and eating healthily (NO DIETS). Hope I helped

How did will Sasso lose his weight?

Will lost weight by walking five miles a day and eating nothing but boiled chicken and steamed vegetables for two years.

How did Jared from the subway guy lose all his weight?

he didnt lose all his weight by eating subway he lost it by walking to and from subway 3 times a day

If you eat a bacon egg sandwich will your booty get bigger?

You will gain weight from eating anything ...

Can you lose weight from eating vegetables?

no but it is not as fattening as anything else. and it fills you up the same

How do you stop gaining weight?

Stop eating anything but celery and drink only water.

Can you lose weight by walking thirdy minutes everyday?

Depends on how much you're eating. If you're eating sensibly, then 30 minutes of exercise will help some. But if you're overeating badly no amount of exercise can make you lose weight.

How can a 12 year old girl loss weight in a week?

this is dangerous. please don't do anything drastic! If you are overweight try eating healthier foods and not snacking on unhealthy foods and try walking eventually building up to running.

How much weight you can lose walking 30 minutes a day?

Perhaps 5 pounds in 6 months but it depends on such things as your weight as well as how far you walk and how fast you walk, etc. You could lose a lot more if you do it as cardio walking.

My doctor gets on my about my weight gain. I am 6 months and have gained 21 pounds all in 3 months. I am afraid of what she will say at my visit. Is it safe to try and lose weight during pregnancy?

It is safe to try and lose weight in any circumstance. To be honest it depends on how much you weigh altogether. No running! No jogging! Power walking is perfectly acceptable or just plain walking. Also it is nice to get some fresh air so try and go for walks outdoors instead of a treadmill, this will also keep your mind off eating heaps. It is safe to try and lose weight in any circumstance. To be honest it depends on how much you weigh altogether. No running! No jogging! Power walking is perfectly acceptable or just plain walking. Also it is nice to get some fresh air so try and go for walks outdoors instead of a treadmill, this will also keep your mind off eating heaps.

Your weight is 160 pounds how much to you have to walk to lose 20 pounds in 3 months?

To lose 20 pounds, you will have to create a calorie deficit of 70,000 calories. At 160 pounds, you will burn 200 calories per hour at a slow pace. This is 350 hours of walking over the next three months. This is approximately 4 hours of walking per day, provides that this plan is in conjunction with healthy eating habits.

Walking and jogging on a treadmill eating healthy cause weight loss?

Of course it does! Walking is very good for your your circulation, and boosts metabolism. Running also boost metabolsm and supresses your appetite as well. Eating healthy will help the weight come of faster when combined with exercise. Depending on how much cardio activity you do everyday and really stick to eating healthy, you could lose 2 to 4 lbs a week. :)

How do you lose weight without eating different?

One way would be to increase the amount of exercise you do; and a simple way to do that would be by walking more.

Will eating eggs increase weight?

Not particularly, it's all about the calories you're eating and the calories you're using each day. Eggs can very well fit into a healthy diet, without having anything to do with a weight increase. If you eat too much you will gain weight, regardless of what it is you're eating.

How many steps do you need to walk to lose weight?

The average person only walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps per day. For weight loss, aim to walk 10,000 steps per day in conjunction with healthy eating and counting both calories and carbohydrates. Alternatively, use a cardio walking to lose weight plan in conjunction with healthy eating. See the related question, further down this page, for more information about walking to lose weight.

What is a good healthy weight control for a nursing mother?

Having children will make a woman gain weight and then they want to lose the extra weight,there are many ways they can go about losing it like walking,running and eating they right foods.