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You may not lose any weight if you eat too much fruit, it is very high in sugars. But it is certainly going to be healthier! Too much fruit, if your body is not used to it, will also have a laxative effect. Lack of proteins may also affect your health.

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Should you drink a lot of water if you are detoxing?

Sure, eat plenty of fruit also.

Will you lose weight if you only drink water for a week?

You will lose weight if you only drink water for the rest of your life. Water and 100% fruit juice are the only things you should drink.

Can you lose weight if you eat an orange each day?

You will NOT lose weight just by eating an orange everyday. You need to eat right, exercise and drink plenty of water. But oranges are a good healthy fruit=]

If you're fat how do you lose weight?

Eat properly, drink plenty of water, exercise moderately, and get plenty of rest.

How do you lose weight and also get whiter skin at the same time?

Drink plenty of water

How to get rid of water weight?

there are pills you can buy that do the job jsut make sure to drink plenty of water when taking them.

What should you eat after to exercise if you want to lose weight?

Fruit and Bread with butter, drink water

Why is it necessary for person suffering from diarrhea to drink plenty of water?

because the persons want to drink plenty of water

What is correct Need to drink plenty of water or needs to drink plenty of water?

That depends on the subject of the sentence. For example a first or second person subject, such as "I" or "you" would require "need." I need to drink plenty of water. Third person, with the exception of third person plural, uses "needs" John needs to drink plenty of water. Also, any time a group is referred to in the singular such as "this team" you use needs. However, if you were to say a proper name like "the cardinals" you would use need. In short it's: I/you/they/we need to drink plenty of water. John/he/she/ needs to drink plenty of water. "The basketball team" needs to drink plenty of water. "The Globetrotters" need to drink plenty of water.

What is the most critical component in any diet?

Water. Water is the most important thing in a diet, you need to drink PLENTY of water or you will not lose weight

Can water clean the alcohol out of your system?

It is always good to drink plenty of water. Plenty of fruit and vegetables now to help your liver, the job falls into its long suffering lap to clean up your system. Water helps, but it cannot do the livers job.

What are the foods to be include in balanced diet?

Plenty of fruit and vegetables Drink plenty of water six to eight glasses Dont skip breakfest it gives you the energy Some milk and dairy food

What can you do to lose weight in a short period of time without gaining it back?

Drink plenty of WATER, EXERCISE in moderation, LIMIT caloric intake, and get plenty of REST. Forget about 'fast' weight loss. 'Fast' weight loss will jeopardize your overall health.

How do you get rid of alcohol?

drink plenty of water.

What should you do when you are sick?

drink plenty of water

How do you loose loads of weight?

cardio workouts and muscle workouts also eating plenty of fish, salads, fruit , veg - (anything filling like cereal, energy bars, cereal bars etc.) and a bit of meat in regular small meals and just a tiny bit of chocolate :) and drink plenty of water GOING ON A DIET DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT!!

Do moths need water?

no they dont they get the water from the fruit they drink and fruit drinks water so there fore the fruit produces water.

How do you detox water soluble drugs?

Drink plenty of water.

How can teens lose weight fast?

Drink plenty of water, no sodas. Exercise moderately and eat properly. Get your rest. 'Fast' can be dangerous.

How can you get health?

Eat right, Drink plenty of water, Get plenty of sleep, and Exercise!

How do you remove creatine from the body?

Stop taking it and drink plenty of water, you should drink plenty of water anyways while taking it... That's whats creating for..water retention

What is squash drink in England?

A squash drink is fruit juice and water, mostly water.

Should you give up your exercise to lose half a stone?

no to loose half a stone you have too keep off the snacks/fatty foods and have plenty of exercise eat fruit and veg and drink plenty of water

What to do if you are under weight?

Eat more food, but make sure it is healthy and that its not all fat, sugers and salts. Do exursice and drink plenty of water.

Im thirsty what should you do?

Drink plenty of water.

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