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Starvation is not a good weight loss tactic; you're better off eating healthy and exercising regularly. "Trying" to get an eating disorder is not the way to go.

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Jogging, or any kind or cardio workouts can help you lose weight.

The same way as at any weight. Eat healthier/less and exercise more.

It depends on how much you want to lose, what your diet is like, and how much exercise. Remember that you DO need food though :)

Eat healthy and get at least an hour of physical activity.

2,560 ounces is 160 pounds.

There is no any problem or abnormality for a 5'6 male to weigh 160 pounds.

no your ideal weight should be between 156.2 -160 lbs so you shouldn't lose weight (you are under weight)

It depends on how long the 160 pound female eats 600 per day for. If this helps 1 pound = 3500 calories

Would need to know if you are male or female. Assuming you are female because you are asking about weight loss-you should weigh between 150-160.

Sit ups alone will not help you lose much weight, the best exercise for losing weight is running (particularly long distance)

Elvis' weight varied as an adult from a weight as low as 160 pounds to as much as 230 pounds.

150 or 160. That's The Average Size Unless You Are Obese Or Have Weight Loss Problems Or You Can Not Lose Weight Because You Have A Low Metabolism.

weight ? wait a minute...160 cm is a height measurement not a weight... but if your question what is that in feets ? then the answer would be160 centimeters = 5.24934383 feet

The same way as anyone any age and size loses weight- by eating a good diet and regular exercise.

Aproximatly 160 kg or 350 lb.

You weighed 190 and lost 30 so you now weigh 160. 30 divided by 190 = 0,157 so 16%

He looks to be 160-175lbs. 160 at least.

well, im twelve. And i am 121 lbs. the doctor says you should not be more than 130 so, i need help losing weight too.

if you are 5'7'', you should probably weigh between 130 and 160. i am 5'7'' myself and i am still uncertian on what i should be. i am 141... average for our height range but... i am unhappy with my body shape so i want to lose about 10-15 lbs to get the ideal shape i want... but you may not need to do much... if you weigh more than 160... u might want to consider trying to lose weight... no offense or anything... if its all muscle though, i say ur fine=]

If you completely cut carbs out of your diet for the duration of your diet you can lose weight fast if you have a high carb diet. depending on your weight and eating a high amount of protein you can lose weight faster. example: if you weigh 160 and you want to weigh 130 eat at least 60 grams of protein a day.

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