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if they're already skinny not alot, if they're not about a stone.

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Q: How much weight does an anorexic person lose in a week?
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How much a person weight loss you have to be lose to be anorexia?

you can be anorexic at any weight but to be diagnosed, a person has to be 15% below their recommended body weight.

How much weight can an anorexic lose?

Usually, when anorexics lose weight, they end up with a weight below normal for their height.

How much weight could an anorexic lose in a week?

it depends on several factors such as the severity of the anorexia. an anorexic could lose as much as 10 kilograms (22lbs) in a week.

How much weight can you lose if you become anorexic?

Too much. Enough that you can die--like my friend.

How much weight can you lose in a week if you go anorexic?

Not enough to make such a stupid decision worthwhile.

How much time does it take to lose weight when your anorexic?

You lose about 2 pounds every day Well i did and that was with 4 hours exercise

What causes anorexia without the desire to lose weight?

Wanting to lose weight pretty much is the main cause of anorexia. Other factors can be if a person is already thin and they become anorexic out of desparate attempts to stay thin, but that happens much less often.

I am a 5'5 and 111 lb female how much weight could I lose and still be healthy?

You are already UNDERWEIGHT, for your height, so do not lose any more weight because you will look anorexic.

How much weight do anorexics lose?

It depends on the individual. Some anorexics only lose a few pounds, while some may lose 50 pounds. Usually, the average person who is anorexic will lose 20 to 30 pounds before treatment or intervention occurs.

How much weight do bulimics lose?

They lose so much weight that they get close to dying. If you want an exact amount of how much weight they lose, well that depends on the person and how often they do it.

How much weight would you lose if you were anorexic?

Weight loss through anorexia depends on the individual. Factors that can change it are the severity (how much food / how much exercise), the individual's body, and how long they have been anorexic for. The amount can be anywhere from between 10 and 50 pounds, possibly even more.

How to motivate a person to lose weight?

How much weight is to be lost is the first question..

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