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How much weight will you lose if you jog everyday?

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It varies with each person. For a 150lb person who jogs everyday for thirty minutes will burn 250 calories.

That is 1,750 calories a week. Since a pound is equal to 3,500 calories, it would take this particular person about two weeks to lose a pound considering they did not change their diet.

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How much weight will you lose in a month if you jog for 4km for three times a week?


How would a 12 year old girl lose weight easily?

run and jog run and jog run and jog run and jog

What are some ways you can lose weight outside?

you could go for a short jog, everyday making it a longer jog. Skipping is also a good exercise to do because it is hard work after skipping for a significant amount of time

Do you lose weight jogging in place?

You will if you eat well balanced meals and not too much and jog a lot.

How long should you jog in order to lose weight?

depends how fat you are!!

What happens to your body when you jog?

you lose weight, your legs stronger, and you become more active

What Can an 11 year old do to lose weight?

Go for a jog and do sit ups and EXCERCISE

How do you lose weight fast quickly?

go for a quick jog and eat fruit and veg woo

How do you raise your stamina?

It's simple!All you have to do is jog,but DON'T over push yourself because you won't be able to even stand especiallyif your big and trying to lose weight! Keep jogging everyday and eventually you will get there.

I weight 63 and i wana lose weight before the holiday any ideas?

dont eat too much chocolate and chips and always go out for a jog, you may want to join the gym

Can you lose weight by walking twice on weekdays?

It depends how much you walk. It has to be for long enough that you sweat and start to feel tired, around an 3 hours, since it is only twice a week. If you really want to lose weight take a jog instead.

If you jog do you lose weight?

Jogging burns energy (calories), If your burning more calories then you are consuming then you will loose weight, whether or not you loose weight depends on your diet AND exercise.

Is it good to jog everyday?

Jogging, walking, bicycling, etc. are all good to do everyday. You should definitely exercise everyday to stay in shape and in good condition.It is good to jog everyday. Studies show that women or men that jog everyday are healthier then women or men that jog once a month and once a week. If you need or want to exercise than jogging everyday is for you. You don't need special equipment or special clothes. The only thing you have to do is go outside and jog. (Preferably in something other than jeans though) Even if you jog everyday, if you skip one day it doesn't necessarily mean that all of your hard work won't pay off. So, be healthy and jog or at least try everyday.

What are the best exercises to do to lose weight around the stomach hips and under arm area?

you can lose weight when you jog,leg-ups,push-ups,excercise like this is one of the best excercise.

How much weight can you lose in 2 weeks by doing an exercise DVD for 30 minutes everyday and jogging for 30 minutes most day and also drinking more water?

You need to know how many calories you're consuming, the intensity of your jog and just what the workout video is. Remember that health and weight maintenance requires a lifelong commitment.

How much weight do you lose by jogging 1 hour?

If you eat a full meal, wait 1 hour, then jog the whole 1 hour non stop.... 1 pound.

How do you lose weight with out moving or eating pills?

eat healthy, fruits and vegtables are good for you . also , to lose weight you have to move get some excersize once in awhile go run,jog,dance,and zumba are great ways to lose weight they are also very fun .

How do you lose weight in your love handles?

There is no particular way to target specific build ups of fat, but the best way to burn fat is to run, jog , or walk everyday. This will increase your cardio and burn fat from the body. A balanced healthy diet will increase your weight loss results as well.

Can riding horses help you to lose weight?

Yes, not as much as say if we went for a daily jog but we know this because when riding, the horse looses small amounts of weight and breathes in, this is why we have to tighten the girth when riding. However, that weight is soon recovered by meals!

What is the best way for a 44-year-old man to lose weight?

Get up early in morning and jog 1 km and do push-ups minimum 25 times. and in evening,jog at-least 1 hour. Eat light food and try dieting in night. repeat this everyday day to become thin

Do you lose weight playing a game of basketball?

yea, because you are running around like crazy. the only way you don't lose weight is if you don't give 110% during the game. if you just play and jog the whole way you won't really lose any weight

What ingredients and salad can you make to lose weight?

well not much people know but if i were you i would go to the doctors to help or something but most people go on a jog or something hope this helps you

How far should you jog each day to lose a stone in 3 months?

not eating much

What exercises can you do to lose weight on your lower body?

you could bike ride, jump, walk, swim, jumping-jacks, run, and jog...

How much weight can you lose in 2 months from 30 mins to an hour jog?

You can lose about 5lbs in 2 months from 30 mins to an hour jog.

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