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You would seriously damage your health that way. Please eat!

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What is the point system for exercise with Weight Watchers?

Like food, every exercise has different Points Values.

What are some effective ways of how to lose fat and keep it off?

To lose weight and keep it off, one should combine exercise and diet. Achieving and maintaining weight loss comes only to those who can adopt a healthy way of eating and who can work exercise in to every day life. A low-fat diet and a running and aerobic routine is a great way to start.

What two actions can help reduce the possibility of developing diabetes?

Maintaining a weight that is recommended for your height and bone structure. Keeping your sugar intake down, and following through on an exercise plan that includes cardio and weight. Or walking 30 minutes every day helps a lot too, if cardio is not an option.

Can you lose weight doing the same exercise every day?

Initially yes but overtime your body will be comfortable with the routined exercise and will burn less calories.

How do you looes weight?

You can lose weight by taking exercise every day, eating less, avoiding fat, white flour, sugar and alcohol.

Can eating less meals help you lose weight?

no, that would just make you unhealthy. The key to losing weight is to eat different food every day, and to exercise, If you eat the same food every day your body will just store it as fat and you NEED to exercise.

Can walking a mile every day help you to lose weight?

Yes. Any regular exercise will help.

How much weight will you lose if you drink a gallon of water every day?

you wont lose weight unless you exercise or stop eating certain foods

How can you lose weight in 29 days?

Exercise exercise exercise drink a lot of water drink 2 cups before every meal and 1 cup before snacks and eat light foods

How long should you exercise to maintain a healthy weight?

Minimum exercise is 10 minutes a day (or 20 min every other day). If that doesn't maintain your weight, you're eating too much. If you exercise more, then you can eat more. You should exercise 20min. a day (ages 5-10) you should exercise 10min. a day (ages 11+)

What makes you lose the most weight?

nothing is sure but exercise and water. replace every drink with water, only water. and exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes.

How long should you work out to lose weight every day?

If you are eating an appropriate diet, then even a half hour of exercise a day is sufficient for you to lose weight.

Can eating every three hours reduce weight?

Eating full meals every three hours will make you gain weight normally. If you eat small portions and get the amount of nutrients you need and exercise then you'll most likely lose weight.

How many minutes do you exercise a day?

that depends on how much you weight, ur height, and ur age or BMI. for most just exercise normally for at least an hour every day

Does star jumps cause weight loss?

Doing 50 to 100 stars jumps every day will help you lose weight. it is a great exercise for your legs and arms.

How much weight can i lose eating 1000 calories a day?

probably 1 every two days,if you exercise too.

How much weight could you loose ninety days if you exercise hard every day?

it depends how fit you are when you start exercising

If you were doing weight training exercises what would be the proper ammount of running to do in a week?

One should run every other day. Studies show that those who exercise everyday lose less weight than those who exercise every other day. You should run thirty minutes in one session.

What do nespresso coffee capsules protect coffee from?

Nespresso coffee capsules protect coffee from air, which can make the coffee go stale. Each capsule, when brewed, is like opening a fresh bag of coffee every day, making a fresh cup of coffee every day.

How much time does it take to lose weight when your anorexic?

You lose about 2 pounds every day Well i did and that was with 4 hours exercise

What can you do to lose weight apart from diet and exercise?

Diet and exercise, exercise and diet. Those are the two words we hear every day in our war to lose weight and stay healthy.Apart from diet and exercise , you should sleep well. Besides, sleeping more then 7 hours is not good for health. You should also avoid eating outside of your home. To know more about weight lose and diet please visit here http://bit.ly/fastfatloss86

What is the spell to lose weight fast?

THE ANSWER TO WEIGHT LOSSDOESN'T COME FROM WITCHCRAFT.Lower your calorie intake, cut out junky and high-starch foods, and do some exercise every day.

Can you lose weight without exercising?

Yes. You could try liposuction or weight loss surgery, but exercising together with watching what you eat is definitely the most effective way to lose weight. If you are unable to exercise, or too heavy to exercise comfortably, you can improve your eating habits and lose weight through dietary changes alone but it will require more effort. With or without exercise, losing body fat requires effort. If you are too heavy to exercise, simply begin with gentle walking for a few minutes. Try to walk a little further every day. Some exercise, even gentle exercise, will help to burn calories.

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