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How much wiil it cost to replace Brake lines on a crown Victoria?


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November 27, 2008 3:25AM

Cost is about $ 60.00 cdn. for just the back. You will need some special fittings from your local auto parts. A small length fitting for the back brakes, which join into the original size, and a special fitting for the front abs fitting. The auto parts will have all the parts. Just be careful to get the right lines. Take the old fittings with you to get replaced. There are North American, British, and Japanese, fittings. The crown is double flare, and not bubble flare. Also, make sure you have the right joiners, these are to join the lengths together. Just measure what you need, and also, a small tube bender is a good idea. Not expensive. You will need this to form the curves in the brake line without damaging the lines. Good luck.